When you hear the word “balance,” what comes to mind? OM? Standing on one leg without falling over? A scale? What comes to mind?

My ultimate goal is to help you become the best version of you, inside and out. People are under the illusion that more is better and you have to stay far away from certain things that are “off limits”. This extreme way of thinking and living is taking people so far out of balance and further away from their goals.

There are a a million reasons why it’s important to have health and fitness goals, but spending your life chasing perfection is exactly what life is NOT about. You can’t give all-out effort at everything, 100 percent of the time. It’s all about working hard and pushing yourself but then allowing yourself the freedom to enjoy.  With my birthday this past weekend, it reminded me of how important it is to LIVE and allow yourself the permission to not always be 100% in all that you do. Here are 3 ways your life doesn’t just want but needs balance.

1. Eat what you want sometimes—and don’t call it a cheat day, it’s a refuel!

You probably know by now that healthy eating is a lifestyle—not a temporary fix to drop pounds. If you plan to keep this lifestyle throughout the rest of your life, it needs to be something you can actually maintain for life. A refuel is not naughty, it is a part of our healthy lifestyle.

Cheating is not usually seen as a good thing so when you use that term, you are convincing yourself that what you are doing is “bad”. Every once in a while, eating some food that might not exactly fit your healthy eating plan shouldn’t be considered cheating. There’s nothing bad about treating yourself. Cutting out too much from your diet or restricting yourself has been said to be the worst weight-loss mistake that you can make. Yo-yo dieting can be just as bad, if not worse, than eating a diet full of processed foods.

The answer? Refuel with purpose.  I am a huge advocate of weekly refuel meals. They do more than keep you on your plan but they keep you in the game for life!  Healthy eating that lets you enjoy life without feeling deprived or like you are missing out.

2. Take a Day to #unplug—and be okay with it!

We all know working out is essential to keeping our bodies working well and reaching our goals however we can’t go go go without burnout.

But another key part of balancing your workout routine is allowing yourself rest and permission to #unplug. Yes, rest days are just as important—if not more important—than your workouts. Overtraining your mind and body can causes serious burnout, along with so many other negative side effects. Sunday has become the official day to rest & #unplug. This is a non-negotiable part of my week and should be yours too. Our world is too overstimulated by social media, things we need to do, messages, e-mails, etc. we need a day to commit to unplugging ourselves and having time to breath a bit more. Your body and mind both need time to rest and recover so you can gear up to crush your next workout. Commit to a day to #unplug and see it as just as important as your mid-week hustle.

3. Go to happy hour—and Enjoy!

I know—it can be so tempting to avoid the 5 o’clock toast but treat yourself every now and then with no guilt and no shame. Toast with purpose and celebrate your success, your birthday or simply cheers to health, wealth and happiness!

Finding social balance is important for your mental and physical health too. Socializing with friends or your honey can help your immune and stress systems recover, as well as release hormones, which boost energy and elevate mood. So while some alone time is key for re-charging so is a celebratory toast.

So go crush your workouts this week, eat for purpose, and #unplug the heck out of your Sunday. Come the weekend, celebrate your success with a healthy refuel. Remember it is all about balance. Life is too short to not love your body and live your life all at the same time. Living a G-Fit healthy lifestyle is all about keeping it REAL and keeping a ~balance~ in your all that you do.

Let’s crush this week!

xo Gina

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