Just over a week into the new year, how are you doing? Are you still excited about your journey and taking it one day at a time or do you find yourself already looking towards the finish line? Remember, as you continue digging deep into the New Year with new goals, visions, and dreams, it is all about the journey. I am sure you hear this all the time and very often here in The Fitness Network but it is SO true. I will never stop reminding you of this powerful statement because it is so important. If you are constantly looking for the finish line and finding yourself saying “I will be happy when” or “I can’t wait until when I…” Stop yourself and remember that it is the steps along the way that take you to where you are going. Stop and enjoy the scenery or you may find that you were running through beautiful vineyards without even knowing it!  

Slow and Steady, One Step at a Time, each stride is taking you towards your goals and the scenery is making your journey that much more enjoyable!