Q: Hey Gina!! I wanted to know when you plan on releasing your next DVD?? Im playing yours in the store today & people are loving it. I know I would love to see you make another one. Maybe you & youre man could do a whole section on healthy living as a couple. Even behind the scenes at the local shows, pro shows & expos.
Hey Gina, I second this notion! I loved your first DVD and even though I’ve watched it several times already, I always pop it in because each time I watch it I learn something new I missed the first time! I think you should produce a new DVD catered for that first time competitor…like a figure 101 type of dvd. Well, maybe not so much a first time competitor, but it should be more educational on what every figure competitor should prepare for and expect to encounter should they commit to this journey. I’m sure thousands of females out there would be interested in it especially because there isn’t a good one out there! You could talk about everything from the breast implants debate, the costs of competing, the training required, the creative cooking recipes, the suit selection process, the need for constant, positive, motivation and support from a community like this, etc! You’d be the perfect person for this kind of dvd, girl. Please consider it!!! 🙂
Great question!! Don’t think this isn’t a thought in our heads… my videographer is no longer doing DVD’s so I am looking for alternatives. IF anyone knows any, here in the so cal, SD area, let me know. Looking at options but definitely thinking about it!! I am so glad people have found my current DVD so helpful!
Healthy/Balanced living as a life and with a partner, is exactly up my alley. Make it real to everyone!! It would be more lifestyle and less competitive which is more of reality and life. Tons of real life situations, ideas to stay active and fit, yet enjoying each other and life and cooking creatively together… “FIT 50: TIME FOR A NEW WAY OF LIVING” MY BE BRINGING THAT TO THE PUBLIC! I will keep you posted but just know it is in the project plans! 🙂
I could also consider a DVD along the lines of figure 101 and the ins and outs of the process. Great idea and I will put that on the list as well as a potential opportunity! First have to find a videographer… Absolutely Great ideas with the educational side of it beyond the stage… Considering it deeply. thanks for your thoughts and input!