Are you one who responds too quickly and then kicks yourself that you didn’t respond like you wish you would of? I have learned, over time, and still learning, how important it is to take your time to respond to any situation. Remember that you have plenty of time to respond!
Decisions are often made under pressure and under pressure is when the wrong decisions can be made.  You may feel pressure to respond or not know that you DON’T have to respond right away. No matter who it is, what it is, don’t allow pressure to cause you to make a decision. The best decisions I have ever made are decisions that I sleep on. It takes time to process situations, how you are going to handle them and the pros and cons of your response. Take your time and trust that you have plenty of time.
Rather than responding right away, take a moment to breath! The right decision comes with the power of time, internal processing and deep breathing!
No pressure, take your time and in the meantime, breath!