Imagine if scales didn’t exist and you had no idea how much you weigh? You would never contemplate the idea that you “need to lose 10 pounds”? No, because your weight would mean nothing to you and you would have nothing to compare it against!
You might still want to improve your overall appearance but numbers are not what you are concerned about. . You go by how you look and how you feel, to determine the steps you want to take to make your personal improvements. Imagine this for a moment… no scale and no numbers? Doesn’t this just sound like paradise? If you feel great and look great, why does it matter what the scale reads?
You are the one who decides the shape you are in, not the scale!! Unfortunately, many times we get down on ourselves simply because the man made cheap scale we bought at Target tells us we are “out of shape” and “need to lose a few pounds”. Some people feel and look fantastic in every respect, but once they step on the scale, it a number appears that they did not want to see, they suddenly do not feel completely out of shape! Why is this? Does the scale rule our minds that much!? if the number on the scale doesn’t match your expectations, do you allow that to ruin your morning, day or even week? This doesn’t make sense. A scale should not be able to have that kind of power over us. For some reason, in this world we live in, so many people are obsessed with the scale. While it’s good for giving you a general idea of your health, this can be the most discouraging and frustrating part of any fitness program. Your weight can fluctuate all the time and there are so many reasons why and some we will never understand! There are so many factors that can skew your weight up or down including: time of day, temperature, the day’s activities, water level, sodium intake, vegetable intake, cortisol levels, and so many other variables. In reality, you could be getting discouraged over something that’s not really accurate!!
To stay motivated, try finding other ways to measure your progress instead of stepping on the scale. Try some benchmarks that actually matter. Finding simple ways, besides the scale, are so much more accurate and will free your mind!
Take some of these regular measurements to stay motivated, even if the scale isn’t moving:
Here are a few examples of how to track your progress without the scale:
Body Measurements – dress/pant size, waist, hips,, arms, legs and how you fit into your favorite clothes
Performance – more endurance during exercise, doing them at a higher level, walking longer, running faster, increasing flexibility, strength, etc.
General Feeling – rate energy level, rate attitude and outlook, track how often you feel very sleepy during the day, rate your confidence level
Health – blood pressure, cholesterol level, etc.
Personal – how you look, how you feel, compliments you receive, how others respond to you
So many better ways to track your progress! Ditch the scale and free your mind!