Hope everyone is having a great day and start of your week after the long weekend! Finished up a great workout and then headed to a business meeting at a local breakfast hot spot. My workout was like my old school workouts, focusing today on more concentrated shoulders. I hit shoulders like I use to, moderate weight and focusing on form and isolated contractions without incorporating any type of circuit training. Change is key and that is exactly what I like to do with my training and nutritional programs, changing things up constantly!! Here was my Workout of the day..
-6 sets of shoulder press with 45# bar
-4 sets of dumbbell shoulder press with 20#
-1 set of individual dumbbell shoulder press with 15#
-2 sets of front raises with 25# plate
-3 sets of alternating front raises with 10# dumbbells
2 mile run
Headed straight to the local breakfast hot spot, HASH HOUSE, for my meeting. Now if you are a local and know about this place, you must wonder, now how the heck can you order clean there…?? For those of you who don’t know about this place, it is known for its enormous plates and servings and definitely not a healthy place to go, unless you know just how to order… FLAP JACKS, HUGE PANCAKES, SCRAMBLES LOADED WITH CREAMS AND SAUCES, AND TONS MORE CALORIE DENSE ENTREES!! Oh no, put me to the test… where there is a will there is a way!! Check out their menu and you will see that I was put to the test… No biggie so for me straight to the “Farm Scrambles” to see how I can best modify without being too difficult.. so here it goes…
It comes with Mashed or Crispy potatoes and a biscuit… SUBBED FOR DRY WHEAT TOAST AND FRESH FRUIT
Ordered entire meal dry and with NO butter. The waitress did look at me kind of funny because this is a place you go for the calories, not to watch calories!!
As I ordered my meal I thought of all of you! First of all, being able to eat clean and healthy, even if the restaurant is NOT known for being a “healthy” choice and second a little bit of what my Lifestyle Choices look like… Third, I want to show you a little something…..
Where there is a will there is a way and the squeaky wheel gets the grease.. You ask and they deliver, well for the most part!
So here is the meal, beautiful presentation right… just like I ordered it!

My lifestyle choices: Only had one piece of the Wheat toast and ate 1/2 the fruit, opting for the fresh apples, strawberries and watermelon and leaving behind the bananas. As for the egg whites, those were my staple and boy did they taste good! Now, you order healthy and yes, this is a very healthy choice and with the modifications, couldn’t of gotten much better! Now I want to point something out. This is definitely a perfect way to eat healthy out but DO NOT For a second think that this is the same as cooking a egg white mushroom, broccoli, asparagus, basil omelet with a side of dry wheat toast and fresh fruit! Check out the aftermath… Here is a glimpse of my egg whites after:

Now, I said no butter but look at all the oil! There is NO way Restaurants are going to go for PAM, they douse their pans in oil and that is exactly what you get in your eggs! A little eggs with my oil, please!!! I wanted to point this out as a reminder that you can definitely make smart choices when you eat out but do not for a second think that it is the same as your at home healthy cooking! Now, back to lifestyle, you have to be able to dine out and eat healthy but you can see that day in and day out, several meals out a day, without even realizing it, calories can add up, right…
Just thought this was a perfect example of how egg whites do not equal egg whites..
-how are they cooked??
-how about their quantity
Now onto the dry wheat toast.. This definitely was a better choice than the biscuit but this was no Hearty fibrous what bread, aka this was not Ezekiel!! I could tell by the consistency this was pretty much white bread died dark to resemble wheat! You see wheat bread does not equal wheat bread!
Just a few points to mention and thought you may find interesting!! Another reason why the more you can cook at home, the more you are in control of what you are putting in your mouth!! ūüėČ
Enjoy the rest of your day!!