4 Responses to Day One, Supplements 101

  1. Karina says:

    LOL!!! That counter looks like mine!!! All my supps yum!!!!

  2. Jessica Burgio says:

    Day 3 down without a hitch, well I was late on meal 3 so there for missed meal 7, but other then that killed it today! (was not about to stay up till 11:30 to get it in.) My bed was calling me last night, and I slept like a baby! I had hoped to get in a nap yesterday, but made the mistake of having a coffee mid-afternoon which had me wired! Not complaining!! Even had a little extra energy to do cardio with my eve. client!!! (Nice to get a lil extra when you can)

    My body is already thanking me in so many ways….And thank god and Pet @ 619 muscle for all the great supplements that are keeping me from being super sore. It is crazy how much the EFA’s, glutamine and BCAA’s can really help keep everything lubricated and recovering quickly!! Today is my ‘off’ day from everything, but Im going on my am walk with my little Layla (dog), we just walk the boardwalk at the beach about 4 miles 🙂 So it’s perfect!

    Looking forward to some family time tonight, my youngest brother just graduated High School. So my mom is having everyone over for Lasagna! AWWWWW, well luckly she’s in my court and is making me a BIG salad with tons of veggies and I’m BYOP!!! Good ole’ Italian’s…CELEBRATION=FOOD/WINE….Well nothing is getting in my way of my sexy ABS!!!

    Can I get a hey NOW!!

  3. Ilaria says:

    LOL @ Italian Celebration!!! I have plenty of “lasagna” still left on my back side!!! LOL…hopefully this will make your HUGE salad even tastier in compare to the Lasagna plates that will be laid in front of you! lol

    Food is just food…lifeless…with no voice…WE have the power!!

    Enjoy your family time and your beautiful cruchy salad!…Well done on your day 3…sexy ABS are one day closer!!!

    wooo hooooo!! X

  4. Erin says:

    Ooh, lasagna…that would be a tough one to deflect! Thank goodness your mom is on board and making things easier for you. How cute! And let me tell you, it’s not just Italians. I think it’s pretty much anything other than America, that is how they show their love. Koreans are definitely the same as I experienced growing up. All the other cultures I’ve lived in and hung out with seem to be the same – Spanish, Japanese, Peruvian, El Salvadorian, African, Brazilian, Filipino…FOOD(and usually alcohol) is where it’s at!! LOL!!

    Go get your sexy abs!! We’re with you! You are doing so well! So fun to watch your journey. Keep up the awesome work and I LOVE your vision board! It’s you vs. you! Love it!

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