Creating a healthy body image by creating a Lifestyle

Creating a healthy body image by creating a Lifestyle

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  1. Michelle Wilson says:

    having competed in the past & being a personal trainer; my body has always been my life-size calling card. So, after finding out I was pregnant, I struggled with the aspect of my body changing. Especially since I mistankenly let the flood gates open up when it came to my eating habits the first trimester.
    And now, I am on a mission to return to my pre-baby size. However, I still struggle with my body image on almost a daily basis. I LOVE my daughter, and I am OVER-JOYED with being her mom; and I am making sure she NEVER sees me struggle or upset with how I feel about myself.
    This has been one of the more challenging weeks for me, mentally. This article was one I needed to read. I am truly a competitive person, and always have to be better at something than I was, or than someone else. Reading this article has reminded me that I need to be kind to myself…to help teach my daughter to be kind to herself; and love who she is in all areas.
    Thank you for this post!!!

  2. Michelle, great post and thank you for sharing. I completely understand where you are coming from with the idea of watching your body change. It is definitely an experience to watch things shift and change, but of course all for the better! I am glad you are on your mission to be the best YOU yet and to be the role model for your daughter! Body image is quite a complex subject and really I truly believe if you OWN it and Accept where you are now, love yourself and start with that, everything will fall in place. Body Image is a false reality because so often how we perceive ourselves isn’t’ what others see and the image we see of others isn’t the true image so really so much of things is a false reality. If we love ourselves and those around us, work hard to live the lifestyle, that is all we can ask for! With that being done, things just all fall into place. The added unnecessary stress we add to our lives by trying to be “perfect” or uphold a certain “body image” can literally cause us to go crazy and never reach our goals. Gotta love cortisol!! 🙁

    Keep working hard to shift your mindset and stay on the path you are on. Sounds like you are aware and doing the best you can, striving to be better and better and that is what matters! Be Kind to yourself because you are Beautiful and your body is perfect for you!
    Glad this post hit home! Keep up the great work! xoxo Gina

  3. Jodie Mason says:

    What a beautiful post, such a great testament to both yourself Aggie and wondeful Gina!

    I feel blessed to have gotten to work with you both 😉 Jodie

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