This week’s mantra is Choice. We all have a choice… We can wake up and say this is going to be the best day ever or we can wake up and dread the day… We have the choice to sleep or to get up and sweat. We have the choice to sleep or get up and swim. We have have that choice.

If you sleep through your alarm, you have the choice to get up or to continue sleeping… Right there in that moment, we have the CHOICE.

From the moment we wake up, we are faced with the choice to get up and get going or press snooze. We have the choice to wake up and claim the day as the best day ever or, claim it as another day of survival.

As the day continues, we have choices that we are faced with. The beautiful thing is, these choices are 100% WITHIN our control.

We must take quick action and not procrastinate long otherwise the choice becomes harder. Once we decide to ACT upon that choice, our choices continue… If we choose to show up for our workout (good choice), we then have the choice to get through our workout or crush our workout. It is all our choice…

Genetics don’t get us out of bed.Genetics don’t come knocking at our door to pull us out of bed. Genetics doesn’t put one foot in front of the other.  It’s a conscious choice we have to make to own our day.

I have the same choices as you and you have similar choices to me. It is what we do with those choices that makes all the difference.

Do we have excuses or do we choose to be excuse breakers?

Every single moment, we have a choice. How we choose to act is up to us. How we choose to treat other people. The choice is ours. The beautiful thing is even when we don’t make the best choice, we have the choice to make the next best choice

Our choices determine the outcome of our day. How do we want to show up? Do we want to make ourselves proud or live with regrets?

It is our choice.

We learn from our choices and it is within our control to CHOOSE to change and make a new (better) choice at any time.

We have the choice to change RIGHT NOW. We have the choice right NOW to show up differently, say no to that BLT and yes to that workout. RIGHT NOW, we have the choice to flip the script and take action.

You can decide to do what it takes to take action or to sit back and wish you did. You and I both have the same choice.

We all have choices it is just whether or not you are willing and ready to show up and make the best choice for YOU.

Stop making excuses and having regrets about those choices that you didn’t make.

Let me ask you a question, what’s worse? Waking up an excuse breaker, knowing your worth and having the best day ever OR an excuse maker, continuing on with your day cloudy, foggy and overwhelmed with guilt.

You have the choice, I want you to know that. I want you to be proud of your choices and see the domino effect that comes from every positive choice that leads you closer to your next best version.

Have the best day ever and this week be aware of your choices and knowing that the choice is 100% yours. Choose wisely…

♡ Gina

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Hi Gina, I just wanted to share… For a long time I only focused on the physical. I refused to deal with the mess inside and after busting my ass and in some cases, “killing” myself I finally realized that there was something else standing in my way. Your program not only has proven that I do not have to KILL myself to get in the best shape BUT threw me into a HUGE state of reflection. Your weekly mantras have really helped me to see things differently. Every week, I look forward to your mantras. I swear you are speaking directly to me 😉 Thank you for allowing me to show up a better version of me in MIND and body. Thank you! Sara 💕