Are you holding yourself accountable to your promises and putting in the work? To reach our goals, not only do we need to define them but we must put in the work. If you make a promise with yourself, are have to keep yourself accountable. If you have a promise to uphold for someone else, you get it done and you ensure you hold up your end of the deal, right?! Why is it any different with the promised you make with yourself. You need to be a strong individual and hold up your end of the deal for YOU. Isn’t that interesting that when the deal is between you and someone else, you put in the work and live up to your promise. Why is it different for you? Think about if you need someone to fulfill a promise for you… Who would you look to or put in charge of helping you accomplish something? Would it be someone who talks a big talk but then doesn’t walk the walk or someone who does whatever it takes to get the job done, regardless of any situation!? I am sure you would expect that person to show up everyday ready to tackle their responsibility put in front of them, right? Be that person to yourself. That same person you would look up to to get a job done, be that person. You don’t have to go any further, YOU are that person!!
If your goals are important to you and you know what they are, just remember you must put in the work. Today, are you ready to show up and start working? Put aside yesterday and stop thinking about tomorrow, think about today and only today…. Are you ready to start working?
Rain or Shine, Snow or Sun, today put in the work…
Thank you all of you who joined us in the G-Chat last night. It was great to catch up, live! Thank you all for finding time during this crazy part of the year. It is always great conversation, positive energy and a great addition to our site! Until our next chat… Happy Holidays! xo