Shall you find yourself so focused “NEXT”, stop yourself. Next year, what is next, next time… Stop yourself and rather than always thinking about next… think about now. It is normal to be thinking about the future, as the New Year approaches, but don’t forget to think about the current moment and what brought you to where you are right now. It is easy to get sucked into what you didn’t do in 2010 and kick yourself for not accomplishing those things on your New Year’s Resolution list that you created this time last year but Don’t be so down on yourself. Before you do that, take a moment to consider how far you have come and all the things you DID accomplish. Maybe there were things on your list that you didn’t do but other things that made up for them? What is it that you did and are proud of? Everything you did, regardless of if they were on your list or not, made you a better and stronger person, allowing you to be who you are today, right now. As you make you list of things for “next” year, also make a list of all the things you did in 2010 and give yourself some love. Look at your list and look at everything you did. Often we focus on what is next and what we can do better that we forget to take a moment to remember what we did and did well! Stop focusing on “next” for a minute and give yourself a pat on the back and celebrate everything you accomplished in 2010. Make you list today….