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It may have been one of your goals or maybe has been something you have been working towards for quite a while, learning to worry less and let things go… Worrying and stressing about things does us no good and does not help us reach our goals. The truth of the matter is 9x out of 10, our worries tend to haunt us yet at the end of the day, you realize things weren’t as bad as you made them out to be. So often people worry about things that they foresee in their future. What?? Worrying about things that haven’t even happened yet and possibly may not happen? That is just a waste of unnecessary energy. Put that energy into what you are doing and what you have control over, right now. Fear and worry can be the factors holding you back from unlocking your potential. So is it possible that something that doesn’t even exist, but in your mind, could be the one thing holding you back? This year, try to attack situations worry free. When you find yourself starting to stress or worry about something that may not even exist, let it go! Not an easy habit to get create and easier said than done but start today but letting any negative worrisome emotion go. It takes conscious effort, at first, but just like anything, you do it enough times and it soon will become second nature.
Focus on the things you have control over and those things that don’t, be that typewriter, erase those thoughts and let them go…
Here is to a worry-free 2011.