Kicking off summer with a trip to the zoo, I wanted to share my survival tips to help you along your adventures this summer! Here they are…

  • wear sunscreen- A must! It’s hot out and even if it’s not, protect your skin!
  • wear comfortable shoes- You do a lot of walking at amusement parks, zoo’s and local attractions so wear comfy shoes!
  • avoid concession stands- By all means, avoid those stands. They have nothing but cotton candy, soda, fat loaded popcorn and candy. Avoid them like the plague (unless you are filling up your water bottle)
  • workout before you go- Workout before you head out. Our challenge is perfect. If you are limited for time, do a circuit always over cardio. Not to mention, you will be doing a lot of cardio with all the walking.
  • avoid mid day crowds and sun (opt for early or later arrival). The earlier you can get there the better. If you are running late, better to be even later. The mid day crows are horrendous so avoid them when you can. Not to mention the sun is the HOTTEST mid day.
  • remember where you parked!- This sounds silly but it is important. I can’t tell you how many times I have lost my car!
  • stay hydrated! This is a big one. With the walking and heat, you must stay hydrated. Also lack of hydration can lead to mindless munchies. Drink up!
  • Practice Patience. People are everywhere prepare yourself! This is a big one. The parks are busy and people are everywhere so brace yourself and be prepared to not be in a hurry.
  • Bring your essential snacks (nuts, sliced veggies, etc)- Luckily the parks let you take in food, most of the time. Have your grab and go’s handy.
  • Bring your Essential Travel Shaker Kit. Our emergency shake and go kit is a perfect thing to have on hand.
  • BYO lunch! (See video for perfect healthy salad on the go)*Dressing was my Signature Dijon Dressing but with red wine over balsamic vinegar 🙂 – Bring your lunch. Don’t rely on food at the parks. You most likely can modify but it can be hard and not to mention SO expensive. BRING YOUR OWN.
  • Bring MORE than you think, you may be there longer than you think!
  • Download your Survival guide —> HERE.

Below was what I brought and it made for the Perfect Lunch Option 🙂 

Hope this helps!!

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