First of all, congratulations on such an amazing chapter of your life! Pregnancy is NOT the time to put on the breaks with your fitness, rather an important time to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle! Keeping your blood flowing and body moving is important to keep not only your mind and body in a healthy place but your baby too! Working out throughout your pregnancy will also help you get back into shape post pregnancy!
No matter what your fitness level is, you can find a workout that fits your needs. I promise, if you move daily and make your fitness a priority, you will thank yourself later!! Below is a sequence of beginner to advanced circuit workouts that can be done from anywhere whether it is at the beach or in the comfort of your own home. Listen to your body, have fun and enjoy the journey!!
*Be sure to check with your healthcare practitioner prior to starting any fitness program.
Circuit 1: Beginner
10 Walking Lunges | 30 Second Forearm Plank |10 Walking Lunges Back
10 Opposite Leg and Arm Lift, Switching Sides
10 Push Ups Off Knees
10 Reclined Toe Taps
1010 Bicep Curls
20 Body Weight Squats
Rest and repeat 2-3x

Circuit 2: Intermediate
10 walking lunges with 2 pulses before each step
10 walking lunges with kick back with each step
10 shoulder presses (palms facing ears) super set with front press
30 second side plank, 30 second regular plank, 30 second other side plank
10 bicep curls super set with reverse grip front raise
20 pulse squats
Rest and repeat 2-3x

Circuit 3: Advanced:
10 thrusters
10 stationary lunges with bicep curl, one side
10 stationary lunges with side lateral raise, other side
10 side squats staying low to the ground, each side
10 squat with tricep extension
30 staying in low squat position, toe taps
Rest and repeat 2-3x

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