As the days go on and the weeks, months years pass us so quickly, how often do you look back and acknowledge all that you did and how often to you pick out the things that you did not do?? Time is going to pass, days, months, years… they all are going to keep moving at a steady rate but it is up to you whether or not you move with the times or stay idle. Think about this time last year. Think about January 2010. You had goals, visions, dreams, new year’s resolutions. You were ready to conquer the world, feeling more motivated than ever. A week, two weeks, months and now it is 2011 and where are you? Take a moment to reflect on how fast time got away. If you were moving with time and take it one day at a time to accomplish your goals, think about where you would be with 365 days invested? You have 365 days to make a difference and it is up to you if you stick with things
With the blink of an eye, we are going to be here, January 2012 and where do you want to be? When you think about your goals, a year in advance, they seem so far but time flies and before you know it you are looking back wondering where the time went. Where do you want to be? I am sure you want to look back and be proud of your accomplishments rather than wish you would have done more. Don’t let the year get by you. One day at a time, do something that is going to keep you moving with time and towards reaching your goals.
If your goal is to do 30 minutes of cardio everyday, only 30 minutes, imagine at the end of the year that equals 10,950 minutes! 10,950 minutes, 182 hours, 7.6 days invested in YOU, invested towards your goals. Imagine what one whole week of time can do for you… that is a lot of time to make a difference!
If you are addicted to your cream in your coffee and your goal is to remove that 2 tbsp of cream, every day… “hey it is only 2 tbsp once a day, what is 40 calories”. Imagine what removing 14,600 calories a year, from you daily nutrition, can do for you… yes only 2 tbsp removed will add up to removing just over 4 lbs a year! Even if you cut your consumption in half, that is still over 2 pounds a year!! One single action everyday leads to huge results!
Take your goal, do something to reach your goal everyday and this time next year, imagine where you will be!
Have no regrets this year, take it one day at a time and let’s conquer….