Q: No matter how lean I get the side of my butt is still soft! However my legs are very muscular naturally , I do have glutes  and my arms and abs  tone up without  a problem . What do I do about that spot? I guess you can call it “spot treat” haha. I do a lot of legs weekly. High intensity cardio w jump squat Intervals w low side by side jumps. I’m never the type to jump on the elliptical and do 45 min or something. My cardio is really hard and I try to isolate my lower half at the same time along w training the lower half and still soft there?
A: Unfortunately, we cannot spot reduce that is correct but you can continue to work certain areas with different exercises and really focus on mind/muscle connection. Because you have such powerful, strong and muscular legs, it is common for your larger, stronger muscles to take over. For example, when you are training glutes, instead of really mentally focusing on the tie in, maybe your lower hamstrings or even quads are being activated and you aren’t really focusing on the area (glutes) that you are trying to hit.

You definitely want to be sure you are doing cardio and following a structured clean nutritional program but because I know you are following my Ultimate Shred 365, I know that area is taken care of. What I can’t spell out for you is the Mind Muscle connection. That has to be found within yourself and something that isn’t laid out in any plan. I am a firm believer of going lighter and focusing on form and that mind/body/muscle connection. Rather than trying to go heavy to build your glutes, you should focus on going lighter and focusing on detail work. Often times we think we need to go heavy to improve or grow certain muscles but really that defeats the purpose and the stronger muscles take over. I suggest you do more detail exercises, light weight, slow and steady squeezing and less compound high intensity movements like jump squats. Try floor butt squeezes (not kidding) light to no weight squats, focus all on the heels, light slow and steady cable kick backs and literally taking minutes throughout your day to just give a little booty squeeze! I usually use my 3 minutes while I brush my teeth to give a little squeeze 😉 Sounds silly but these type of exercises are focusing on only booty and will help! Those high impact exercises may be activating more quad muscles…
I completely understand where you are coming from and I have faced a similar challenge of having such naturally strong and muscular legs. I have really had to, and continue to, perfect this mind/body/muscle connection with my glute training and tie in. I, like you, am able to really tone and tighten my upper body really easily but my legs take more concentration and focus! It is a fine line of taking down the size and keeping them long and lean, yet keeping the fullness in the back side. It is a constant battle, I hear you, but with more focus on this mental connection, you will really see improvements and gains, in all the right places! I hope this makes sense. Please keep me posted and let me know how you do! I think you will definitely feel a difference, and with patience, see a big difference!!
Keep me posted!!!
Big Hugs,