11/04 Pregnancy Update

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  1. Jodie Mason says:

    Wow 10 weeks! I am getting excited so I can only imagine how you feel! I absolutely love the name, David sounds strong and kind. And its so nice that you can put your family history into your baby’s name. Cant wait to see the photos of the room! You look amazing, you have really shown that you live and breath this lifestyle (not that anyone was doubting you!).

    Also, since you are shedding that excess muscle, can i please have it?

  2. Thank you Jodie!! We are SO excited and seriously can’t believe how fast the time has flown by! Really enjoying my last weeks!! xoxo

  3. Drena says:

    Love the name David! Beautiful!!! One of the best names in the Universe!

  4. Hi, it’s been awhile since I saw,we spoke. Mr.O in 2007 Las Vegas. yet even longer since the Gold’s Gym days when your dad was managing with you and your sweet demeanor checking our gym card as we came in!(lol)
    Wanted to say hello and CONGRATULATIONS!
    You are taking health into the realm it has really been shadowed.

    Keep being true to you! I’m blessed to have seen your transformation from braces to baby! You’re an amazing person inside and out Gina!!!
    Sherry Price

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