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Hello Hello! Crazy I am almost 30 weeks Pregnant and time if flying by! Every day growing more and more and loving watching my belly grow! I am really enjoying my pregnancy and am excited but not anxious to deliver, yet… I know that as time goes on, you get more and more uncomfortable but so far I am feeling great, not uncomfortable and really feel amazing! Getting tired, by the end of the day, but really plugging along beautifully! The problem lies in the fact that I feel so good I tend to tell myself that “I need to start to slow down”, but it is hard when you feel so amazing. I am going to start to slow things down though because I know my body needs a break and also in 10 weeks my life will completely change and I want to enjoy the last few weeks of this chapter of my life.


Today marks 29 Weeks & 3 days
Size: Butternut Squash ~ 17 inches 3.1 lbs
Time Left: 10 weeks & 4 days until Due Date
Cravings: None
Sleep: Much better than it has been, not waking up every night but from time to time still getting up in the middle of the night.
Occurring Symptoms: Started to have a few moments of heartburn but not regular yet. Starting to use the bathroom More frequently. Still itching so really altering up on my coconut oil/creams and lotions.

 My Activity has been consistent but no where near what I was doing in the beginning. I am really busy in the mornings, which use to be my personal workout times so I am doing less gym workouts and really using the pool as my main means to exercise with maybe 2-3 days of circuit training. It is a fine balance for me and a nice break. Luckily with my muscle density, I am able to still maintain my muscle but if I lose some, I am totally fine with that and actually hope I do. Taking this time to not be so intense is really going to help me shed that unwanted muscle I have been trying to strip away since I stopped competing.

I had a busy weekend putting my nursery together. I will have pics to come soon. I had a girlfriend who is an interior designer come into town to help me with the final details. I am really happy with the ideas she gave me and now just need to implement our game plan. Very exciting and just love walking by and envisioning a little baby sleeping in his crib.

Today’s Menu was as follows:

Meal #1: Protein Shake with 1/2 cup oatmeal
Meal #2: Same as meal #1 with an apple
Meal #3: Quest Bar
Meal #4: Chili Turkey No Carb Pasta
Meal #5: Brown Rice Cereal with Protein shake as “milk”
Meal #5: Egg White/Veggie Omelet

Took this weekend off from working out. Just took a few walks with my dog and starting fresh tomorrow… Heading to bed early so I can get a good nights sleep (hopefully) and start to week off refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of 29 weeks.

Name Reveal….We have decided on a name….


David Gianni Silva 🙂

So excited and more to come…

Thanks for following!
hugs, Gina