Congratulations to ALL of you. Every single one of you rocked our challenge and you have NO idea how hard it was to come up with only 3 winners. Seriously every single one you crushed it and every single one of you will be celebrated because YOU deserve your shine time.

I am not sure what is harder, committing to the challenge or picking winners, lol! Definitely NOT EASY!

I am beyond proud of each of you who took the leap of faith, showed up, trusted and 100% committed with no excuses! SO many b’lessons were shared, success stories created and INSIDE OUT transformations revealed. This was ONLY 6 weeks, now imagine in a year from now if you take this same FOCUS, determination and discipline to keep showing up! It’s not about showing up perfectly it is showing up, period!

I will be sharing everyone’s success story over the coming weeks. The results were phenomenal and I am completely honored and humbled to have been a part of your journey. This is just the beginning of BIG things for all of you. You may not realize NOW the impact this has mad on you (or maybe you do) but we have planted seeds that are now in full bloom. xo Gina

Congratulations to our top 3 winners + bonus 4th …

#1 Michelle Segedy

This was THE BEST challenge for me!!! I stuck with it! I set my goal and DID IT! My WHY was my my 3 active, athletic kids. I wanted to be their example and show them a healthy lifestyle is still important as a mom when you are 43! I wanted to practice the lifestyle of healthy living I preach to them! And I did it! MY 14 and 9 year old girls are competitive gymnasts who practice 24 hours a week and travel out of state for meets. My 12-year-old son is a traveling soccer player! We homeschool which makes life super busy for me. I lost 10lbs and many inches…didn’t measure before but my clothes fit SO DIFFERENTLY! My journey was NOT easy as 5 out of the 6 weeks we were traveling out of state for gymnastics meets or soccer tournaments so it made it challenging to Complete the workouts and stay on point with food. I am PROUD to say I totally stayed on point…NO BLTs and I did ALL the workouts and cardio! I’m beyond proud! I didn’t post in the VIP because I’m an introvert and still not comfortable posting and honestly I’m doing our chaotic life 24/7 I LOVED the circuits in the new UAP…loved, loved, loved them! I loved all the encouragement from the other VIPs!!! I have done many other challenges with you over the past 3 years but have never felt this good, Had this much success, or felt this proud! Thank you so much Gina for this opportunity and for all of your encouragement along the way! I know my success my not look as big as others who are posting but I feel my heart change success of BELIEVING IN MYSELF AND KNOWING I CAN DO IT is HUGE! I started out eye on the prize wanting to be a chosen winner in the end but honestly I’m just so stinkin’ happy I finished strong and saw changes in myself…heart, mind and body!!!

#2 Andi Huckaby

“It was amazing! Easy to fallow. Circuits were great. I love devotion protein so it was super easy to stay on track. Thank you so much Gina!”

#3. Athena Larson

This is my non scale victory photos!! I started this six week journey wanting to loose some weight and fluff and just feel better in my own skin. Wow!! I only lost two pounds in six weeks which started out as being very frustrating, I was following the plan and doing everything I was supposed to do. Until I took another photo in week 3 and compared them to week 1. I could not believe what I saw. At that time the scale was telling me I had lost nothing and I was about to just say I’m done but the photo I was looking at told me to keep going your doing an amazing job. In that moment I realized that scale was hurting me not helping me. I am so much more then that number on the scale I’m healthier, leaner and stronger now then I was six weeks ago and I didn’t need the scale to tell me that. This is only the beginning for me. I didn’t come this far to only come this far!! Thank you Gina!! xoxo

BONUS 4th: Liz Tanis

This was my second NY Challenge. it was a great way to kick off the year. I lost 8 pounds going from 157 to 149. I really enjoyed how the UAP was revamped. At first didn’t think that my results were that significant then saw this comparison and WOW. Thank you Gina!