Testimonial: Traci Mcallister

I knew the day I contacted Gina, my life would never be the same!

I, like a lot of women have struggled with my weight for years. I always wanted a fast fix diet and I think I did every diet that is out there! I lost weight with each one then gained it all back and then some! I always wondered why I always gained the weight back and now I know.

I did not have the knowledge or understanding that I do now having worked with Gina. She has taught me so much, not only physical things with working out the right way but she has taught me also how to change from the inside out! I never realized that the change needed to come from inside before it can show on the outside. I have so much more confidence now and feel so much better about myself then I ever have! My husband and daughter have seen a huge improvement in me both physically and mentally since working with Gina. I have my clients asking and wanting to know how to change their life so they can be healthier and happy as well!! When you feel good about yourself it makes such a difference and it shows! I am now making smart choices in my food selection and feel so much better because of it. I have worked with Gina for several years, overall, but about 9 months for my show. Over the past few years, is incredible how much I have learned about proper nutrition, exercise and things about myself I never knew! She is an amazing teacher and explains things so you get it! She has shown me that she truly cares and wants the best for everyone. She is so encouraging and is always there if I need anything and even with her busy schedule she always made me feel important and special!!

I recently competed in a figure show, in honor of my father who recently passed, and felt AMAZING on the day but throughout my journey, thanks to Gina. I took the saying “diggin deep” with my workouts to a whole new level and Gina was there every step of the way! I lost 36 pounds and am so happy to say I have learned created the lifelong habits that will ensure that I maintain my results for the rest of my life. I worked to hard and feel too amazing not too! It took me until my 40’s to finally get it but as they say, better late than never!! My weight struggle is over! Gina has given me so much more than just personal training and nutritional guidance but bought me life lessons that have and will continue to change my life forever! Gina has given me hope for the fit life I always wanted to have! I have never felt better and am loving my new lifestyle!! Thank you Gina!!

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