Testimonial: Megan Reynolds

If you want to become a great basket ball player you’d hire Michael Jordan as your trainer. If golf is your thing then Tiger Woods is your pick. Want to get into the best shape of your life? Well, Gina Aliotti is the Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods of the Fitness Industry.

Personally, I have been a fitness trainer for 10 years on the East Coast in Boston, MA. I have a successful client base and have competed in a few amateur figure shows. Wanting to advance to the next level, I knew I was going to need and want the best training available. I found Gina on the cover of a Flex Magazine and said “WHO IS THAT?!?” After researching Gina I emailed her to find out what training options she offered. I remembered thinking to myself, how would she be able to train, coach, restructure my diet and help me prep for the contest with suits and posing and other things….over 3,000 miles away? After a few e-mails to exchange information and questions we spoke on the phone to set up a game plan. The plan was: On July 18th, 2009 in Culver city, CA I was going to compete in my first National Qualifying figure show on the west coast; The Los Angeles Bodybuilding Championships. So what Gina had to work with was a client over 3,000 miles away, a show date and 5 months to get me in the best shape of my life.

Every update and check-in was done though e-mails and photos. My first impression of Gina was that she was very professional, punctual and efficient, yet down to earth and very easy to communicate with. As the weeks progressed, I had expected our communications to remain short and professional. As the diet grew more strict and workouts more intense, Gina made herself available for more coaching and more emotional support. Which was exactly what I needed. There were days I felt discouraged and Gina was always there with encouragement and support. And on days when I needed her most she always somehow knew and a surprise text would come through on my phone letting me know how excited and proud she was and how great I was doing. On every day of every month, Gina never let me down.

Now fast forward to July 17th, I was finally meeting Gina face to face. Seeing my own physical transformation, I was very excited to meet voice on the phone who had helped me get into the best shape of my life!

July 18th, show time! As I spent my morning getting ready I remembered how I had thought to myself when I started this training, that I would love to place in the top 5. Placing top 3 in this show would make me eligible for the USA’s. So, top 5 was my goal for myself. Now that the morning pre-judging round was done, the last classes for figure were being called out. After my class had left the stage for last time, 5 numbers were called back out for placements. My number was called. I had done it, I thought to myself….I made top 5, I hit my goal!!! As numbers were called for 5th, 4th and 3rd place, my number still hadn’t been called. And it wasn’t called, until they place me 1st in my class.

In my opinion, Gina is the BEST!!! Time is money, and when you waste time, you waste money. Why waste time in the gym? If have the ability to hire a trainer and you live somewhere on the PLANET EARTH…..you have an incredible opportunity to be the best you can be training with Gina. I have a motto I use with my clients. “If you listen, it will work.” I listened, and it worked!!
Gina, thank you so much. Training with you was an incredible experience.
Megan Reynolds




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