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Q&A when is it a good time to compete?

May 18 2010

Q: I was planning on competing next March 2011, but I have this fire burning in me to step on stage a bit sooner (maybe this October??). In reality, how much time should you give yourself to prepare? Mentally I feel ready to start…is that the key? How do you know? I was looking at the schedule on musclecontest.com and there are many shows to choose from…again..how do you know? It feels like I’m standing on the edge of a pool waiting to take the plunge! It’s such an awesome feeling!!

A: Glad to hear you have that burning fire in you, again. My suggestions are for you to is to follow your heart and go with how you feel. If you think about a show and you get pumped up about it, maybe the time is right. If you think about a show and it seems overwhelming, maybe it is not the time. Sounds like you have the drive and motivation to pick things back up again, that means you may be ready to go! October still gives you plenty of time. With a typical 12-15 week prep, you still have a good 2 months or so before you start your prep. That is still plenty of time to make the appropriate changes and focus on the things you need to work on, before embarking upon another show prep. They key is how you feel mentally! If you are feeling energetic and not fatigued, mentally or physically, if you mind is in it, your body will follow. As long as you gave yourself enough time to Mentally to rest and physically to allow your body to r&r and also make the appropriate changes needed to continually improve your physique, sounds to me you are ready to go! If your heart and mind is in it, you are starting out in a great place! There are SO many shows to pick from so you have plenty of options! Your analogy, “It feels like I’m standing on the edge of a pool waiting to take the plunge!” is a great sign. The fact that you are loving the feeling and having the itch to take the dive is a great sign and a sign that you should highly give this a thought and put together your game plan! :) It all begins with your mind and if your mind is ready, your body is ready! :) Keep us posted! I am excited for you that you are on the edge of the pool just waiting to take the dive in! :)

…just follow your heart: you can’t go wrong :)

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