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Train your mind and body to a new you!

Oct 18 2011

Are you striving to be a better you? Why, of course you are, aren’t we all!? Start by utilizing these two basic principles of training your body and training your mind! We turn to other things to help increase our state of mind, how we feel or how we look but the solution is quite simple. It is not other people but ourselves! It is YOU who is going to change you. It is YOU that can allow or detour negative thoughts from entering your mind. It is you who is going to get yourself into the gym or outdoors to train your body. Once we learn how to ward off negative thoughts and train both our mind and body, we are left with an increase in self esteem and therefore a happier, healthier version of ourselves!

This takes time to learn how to best do this but with time and patience, you are sure to become a master of your mind and body! It takes work to shun the negative thoughts and not allow them to become your reality. It also takes time to learn how to best train your body and be consistent with it.

First, train your mind… You have to take any negative thoughts and put that energy towards something positive or tell yourself you won’t allow that particular thought to seep into your brain because it simply isn’t true and is a waste of space in your mind. Think of your mind as a typewriter. The second ANY negative thought enters your mind, use that “delete” to erase it from your mind and move on.

Second, train your body…Just move, get out and move. Train your body by moving your limbs, getting your heart rate up and by doing something fun. If running is your love, go for a run. If hitting the iron weights is your cup of coffee, hit the weight room. Whatever you do, train your body physically. Just start somewhere and start with simply moving.

Take time, today, to do something to train both your mind and body.

Remember, this is your life and the choice is yours. Two ways to start to live your life to the fullest and enhance your self are by training your Mind and training your Body! You can do it!

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