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Be Specific as Possible

Mar 13 2012

As you continue to strive for your goal, you want to be sure you are as Specific as possible. If you are not specific, how do you know what you are going for? Even if you think you are specific, can you get even more specific? You want to run a marathon so you start running. Try picking a marathon and coming up with a running schedule. How often are you going to run and how many miles each given day? Today, write down your goal(s) and a very specific plan of how you are going to reach your goal (s). Your plan should consist of baby steps (daily miles you are going to run) that all lead you towards your goal (the marathon). The more specific you can be the more clear your vision is and the easier it is to wake up and go after your goal. Isn’t it much easier to wake up and go for a ____ mile run because that is what you set up for yourself rather than waking up to “run”.

The more narrow you can keep your goal, the less you will be distracted by everything else that is going on in life. There are so many distractions and things going on in life that it is easy to veer away from you goal and do this or try that. The only way you can be successful with your goal is to focus on that one specific goal and avoid any distractions. If you know you want to run a certain marathon, nothing else matters. Don’t get distracted by this other marathon or sporting event. If your specific goal is the marathon, that is your single goal and where your focus should and needs to be to ensure all your energy is going into one direction. One goal, one direction, one path…. Be Specific as Possible!


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Several Dreams, one focus

Jan 17 2011

We are Dreamers, we are reaching for the stars, we have so many things we want to accomplish and our dreams are countless! Yes, this is all GREAT! We want to think big and think dreams with a capital S! With all your dreams in mind and jotted down on paper, now the work begins and it begins by focusing on ONE dream at a time. When you are focusing on too many things at once, you are less likely to be efficient but also it will take you twice, or three times, as long to get there! This week focus on the ONE dream you are working towards. Be sure you know exactly what is all entailed in reaching that dream, have your plan, now, go for it! We are busy bees and always have a million things on our mind and on our lists of things to do. It is common to have the same approach with ALL the things we want to accomplish. Be sure that when it comes to your “Dream List” it is clearly stated and focused on that one particular dream. Once you get there, move on to what dream you want to go after. Really try to focus your attention on that one dream and anything that comes your way to distract you, let it go and get back to what it is you are after!

Dream Big but Dream focused!

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