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Dec 25 2009

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Merry Christmas everyone!

Dec 25 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone~!! Hope you all enjoy your time with your friends, family and loved ones!

Take today to just be thankful and appreciative for those in your life!  enjoy your holiday with no regrets.  Tomorrow is a new day and you will be right back on your program then! :)

Start the day out with a holiday workout, run, etc. and utilize the tips I have posted and enjoy the rest of your day, guilt free!

Check out my recipe and video section for a few of my holiday recipes!




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Holiday Eating 101

Nov 24 2009

Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner but how do we have a great time and enjoy while still staying fit.  First of all start with your day out with an awesome workout.  If your gym is closed, try an at home workout!!   There are tons of sweets, treats and good eats that will keep your mouth watering.  Whether it is at the actual holiday dinner or events leading up to the holidays, there are plenty of temptations but how do you do your best to avoid those temptations and stay on track?

This is the time of year that people may fall off the wagon for a short while, it is tough with the temptations everywhere.  You may be one to be able to stay on track when the temptations are not around but are you one to have them infront of your face and still avoid them?  If you haven’t been avoiding them for several years and you are new to this way of living and healthy lifestyle, you may find it hard to do, hey you are human, right?  Doesn’t the smell of homemade holiday cookies just make your mouth water…?

Family gatherings and holiday traveling may make it difficult to stay on track and continue with your training, especially when you do not have access to your own kitchen or fitness facility!   All these holidays revolve around good, rich and yummy foods which you want to and should partake in especially if you have been exercising andeating right, all year round. The number one key is portion control!  You can have a bite here and there but a bite or two not a full plate or entire pie.  Keep your portions down and be conscious of what you are putting in your mouth.  Remember a bite at every holiday event may add up so even if you are just having a bite, keep track of your overall bites! :)

It is easier to control a meal if you are the one hosting, making it easy for you to use healthier alternatives which everyone will enjoy. If you have the ability to host an event or cook for one, cook the healthy way and it is amazing how people will never know you didn’t use the full fattening recipe.  Even if you are not hosting, bring a dish or two to the event so you have a few healthy choices to pick from.  Even if something looks healthy, you never know what someone put in it to make it taste delicious.  At least, if you bring your own dish, you know what is in it!!

When visiting and celebrating the holidays, make sure to pick and choose the healthiest items then find a few of the rich and or sweet items to try out but moderation is key! Balance and moderation is key!!

Get in some type of exercise each day, even if it is not your typical 1-2 hour workout, something is better than nothing. Get that heart rate up, even if it is for a short time.  I also suggest HIT training during this time when time is limited and you want to get the best workout in the shortest amount of time!!  The best idea is to get up from bed 15-30 minutes early and get the workout done first so you don’t have to worry about them later in the day and most of all your metabolism is revved up and ready to take on the healthy foods!! :)

Balance, moderation, stay active, be smart, have fun, enjoy and live life!!!

Happy Holidays!!!

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