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Everyone loves a part, especially when it is Superbowl sunday and the whole country is partying with you! No reason you can’t prepare for a healthy game-day bash! After kick off, there is no need to forget all your healthy habits that you have worked so hard to obtain! Once again, it is just about having a plan!!!

Check out our Superbowl Sunday Tips, ideas and suggestions below to help you with your party planning!

If you are cooking for the party, here are some tips for healthier food choices:

-Reduce the fat in creamy dressings or dips by using low-fat or fat-free regular or greek yogurt, instead of sour cream or mayonnaise. Offer hummus as a low-fat spread for crackers and vegetables. Try our Healthy guacamole as a healthy option! Want to try something different, try this healthy Pumpkin Bean Dip!

-Use non-stick cookware so you can cook with a minimum amount of oil or use a low-calorie vegetable spray.

-Use flavored vinegars or lemon or lime juice to enhance the flavor of a salad without adding fat. Or offer salad dressings on the side for guests to pick their own and use their own amounts, rather than dousing the entire salad! Here are a few healthy fun salad recipes to try! (ERIN’S CRUNCH A MUNCH, GINA’S CRUNCH A MUNCH, & RAINBOW JICIMA SALAD)

-Use low-fat milk and cheese in recipes instead of full-fat varieties. Better yet, use Almond Cheese, as a cheese alternative!

-Choose baked over fried every time. Whether you’re preparing a meat dish or your famous nachos, baked foods are always the better choice.

-Instead offer bowls full of pretzels or potato chips, also offer your guests a selection fresh fruits and vegetables. Add popcorn and nuts to your list or try these healthy Faux Crunchy Onion Rings!

-Fries, okay what party doesn’t have fries! Don’t forget about our healthy Sweet potato and Yam Fries!! Simply Chop, season, drizzle olive oil, season and bake!

For the real deal, Our favorite Superbowl meals that are a hit with everyone and can offer healthy alternatives are BBQ Kabobs, Pizza and Taco or Tostadas!

Kabobs are simple and fun, simply string on different meats and veggies and grill! You can offer dipping sauces on the side so those that want to load up on extra calories and flavor can!

Pizza, Who doesn’t like pizza? Believe it or not, a perfect option! Best bet is to make your own and offer everyone the ability to create their own personalized pizza! Who wouldn’t go for that!! You can offer ALL the typical toppings (meats, veggies, pineapple, etc). You can even offer various types of cheeses, offering the regular, lower fat and almond versions. (See everyone is happy!) This is the best bet because you can tailor YOUR pizza to still fit right in our lifestyle plan! Here are a few GA Pizza Ideas:

The Crust
Crust is the foundation of your pizza, so be creative and open your mind to new crust possibilities, such as lower calorie versions. Keep in mind that whole-grain breads or crusts add fiber and additional nutrients to your pizza as well. TRY OUR HEALTHY ZUCCHINI CRUSTED PIZZA CRUST AS A DELICIOUS AND HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE!

If timing is of the essence a few healthy crust options are:
-Whole wheat crust, THIN crust is always best!
-Use Ezekiel English Muffins, always a GA Favorite!

If Ordering out is a must and maybe out of your hands a few pointers:
-Have a slice or two not 3, 4, or 5!
-Blot the pizza before ingesting! Why intake all that extra grease!
-Opt for the healthier options, those loaded with veggies rather than heavy meat toppings!
-If thin crust is available, go for thin and not thick!
-Eat everything but the thicker crust at the end of the slice.

As for going for a Mexican Theme on this Superbowl Sunday, Similar to Pizza, you can set up a Mexican Taco or Tostada Bar, offering all the healthy and regular options for those to pick and chose and make their own creation!

For the tortillas, offer corn, flour, a high fiber/low carb option and Ezekiel as the super healthy and GA option.

As for the cheese, similar to pizza, offer several choices!

Whether you do fish, chicken, steak, shrimp or a mix of all, there are plenty of healthy lean protein to choose from!

Beans, who doesn’t like black beans! Offer whole or refried non fat black beans over regular beans and no one will know the difference!

A taco or tostada bar is a Perfect and easy way to cater to everyones needs and keep the bash going!

Okay so everyone likes a cocktail every now and then! Simply stated, stay away from beer, go Clear and watch out for your mixers!

-Avoid premade drink mixes, which are usually nothing more than corn syrup and artificial flavors and sweeteners. Make your own so you can control the calories and choose healthier ingredients.

-Skip the mixer and save calories by ordering a flavor-infused liquor (such as raspberry vodka or coconut rum) over ice or with a squeeze of lime.

-Make the switch to soda water if you’re a vodka or gin and tonic fan. Tonic water has 90 calories per cup, but soda water is calorie-free. A lime or lemon can add flavor without calories. If you want a mixer, opt for some other low or non calorie choices such as:

-Diet soda
-Diet tonic
-Diet soda such as Hanson’s
-Crystal light
-Sugar-free syrups
-Sugar-free margarita mix
-Sugar-free sweet ‘n sour mix
-Light lemonade (8 oz)
-Lemon or lime juice (0.5 oz)
-Light or regular juice (orange, cranberry, pomegranate)
-Garnish with Real piece of fresh fruit!

-Avoid fancy cocktails and martinis. They’re calorie bombs! All the bells and whistles that go along with a martini—the flavored sugar on the rim, the syrup decorating the glass, and the garnishes—add extra calories. While a regular martini has about 130 calories, a key lime or lemon drop martini can have 230 calories, and a chocolate martini can add up to a whopping 450 calories.

-Stick with clear (non-creamy) martinis.
-opt for a glass of red wine over white!

-A healthy Bloody Mary is a fun option on Game day! Ask for no salt and extra celery! :) (Lycopene and a crunchy snack all in one!)

Remember to drink in moderation and to drink plenty of water!

If your a guest and not the host, a few reminders:

Don’t arrive hungry. Hunger can make it difficult to make good food choices—everything looks delicious when you’re starving! Remember to eat before you head out!

Take a walk around and see what food is available—before you pick up a plate. Take note of the healthy selections, there are ALWAYS things you can find!!

Fill your 3/4 of your plate with fruits and vegetables. Then choose a few other items to round out your meal.

It is GAME DAY, you may not be perfect but as long as you can make smart, healthy choices and do the best you can, you are RIGHT ON TRACK!!!

Hope that offers you a ton of ideas, suggestions and tips to allow for a fun, exciting, and healthy Superbowl!!

Go 49ers!!!!!


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