Post Pregnancy Training and Loose Skin Q&A

Feb 7 2013
  • Q: Hey Gina, so i had a question for ya, now that you are a new mommy have you started exercising again? and if so what is something youve been targeting as far as trouble zones? I had a baby a little bit over a year ago and i have alot of excess skin on my tummy. what is a great way to tone and tighten that?

  • A: Hello and Thank you for your message! Congrats on your baby! Yes, I have started exercising again and am easing back into things. My training continues to be more circuit style training and focusing on less weights and more form and body weight exercises. I have yet to get back into any extreme cardio, just sticking to my walks with my baby for now. I am going to get back into swimming and my yoga soon and then in a few months get back into my higher intensity cardio, sprints etc. In terms of “trouble zones”, you can’t really target an area in particular. There is no such thing as spot reducing. With nutrition as #1, weight training and cardio as a supplement with lots of rest, that is what will help you tighten and tone your body. Be patient with your progress and your skin will continue to tighten up, over time. Focus on your diet as #1! Hope that helps! ~Gina

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