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Hover over the before and after transformations to read first-hand testimonials of the clients who’ve found amazing success with Gina!

Client Testimonials

  • Aimee Franck

    Aimee Franck Aimee Franck
  • Aggie Garcia

    Aggie Garcia Aggie Garcia

    My name is Aggie Garcia and I am 63 years old. I have struggled with my weight for 5 years. During that time I gained 26 pounds. I design and make bikini and figure competition suits and have witnessed many body transformations in women over 50. Gina Aliotti did their nutritional plans… I tried many times to lose weight only to lose and gain.  I called upon my dear friend and business associate Gina Aliotti for help. My personal life had changed, business was booming but my self-esteem was on a downward spiral. I told Gina I need a plan that would work with my schedule and lifestyle. I also did not want to feel deprived.
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  • Alba Cilli

    Alba Cilli Alba Cilli

    I started my journey to lose weight and feel comfortable in a 2 piece bathing suit. Well, I have achieved those goals but most importantly Gina changed my life. The biggest lesson I have learned is how to eat healthy and make exercise part of my life. I am NOT on a diet….I live a new lifestyle!!! This is all thanks to you Gina. You have been my biggest inspiration, motivation and best teacher through out this journey. I have won the biggest competition of my life! I was striving for size 8 thinking that was my happy point…I’m a size 6 now (never have I been that). And you know what, I don’t care about the number any more…any number for that matter. I bought a size 4 dress the other day, size 6 jeans and I still wear a pair of size 8 dress pants. No number matters to me. I look at myself in the mirror and I’m just amazed at what I have been able to do with my body. I have you to thank for that.
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  • Ali Harris

    Ali Harris Ali Harris

    I contacted Gina for training and contest prep when I realized I needed a true professional to guide me in the right direction. Gina was exactly what I needed and wanted; working with her was the best choice I could have made. Gina not only gave me all the information I needed about training, diet, and supplementation, she helped me realize that Figure is much more than simply perfecting the physique and displaying it on stage. Like she always says, it is more of a “lifestyle” and she helped me realize that this is the healthy lifestyle I want to live.  Her attention to detail with weekly changes to diet and training, I truly felt as though I were her only client. Gina genuinely cares about the success of her clients and frequently sent me motivating messages, which were extremely helpful! I really did look my best! I believe that not only is she one of the best, she is also a phenomenal person who really cares and will work very hard to help her clients succeed and reach their full potential!
    Thank you Gina! -Ali Harris

  • Angela Cloud

    Angela Cloud Angela Cloud

    I was introduced to Gina by my very good friend Liisa S. Last summer, I watched her transform into this amazingly toned, fit, lean, defined hot body! I wanted this! I needed this! After a summer of vacations, parties, eating  and drinking whatever I wanted, I was ready to make a change. To do something for me. It was a lot of fun, don’t get me wrong. But, I was out of shape, my clothes weren’t fitting me, and I didn’t feel good about the way I looked. I thought, if I could look half as good as Liisa did, count me in!

    I contacted Gina. She was so positive and supportive. I was a little concerned that I wouldn’t be able to do it all with my busy schedule. I am a wife, I work full- time and I have a very busy 9 year old. She reassured me that I can do it.
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  • Annita Reuben

    Annita Reuben Annita Reuben

    Working with Gina was one of the most excited and exceedingly satisfying experiences of my career.  Before working with Gina I was struggling with my diet and training. Gina offered me just what I needed and that was a very detailed and step by step plan.  She gave me just what I need to get refocused and motivated!

    Gina was there with me every step of the way.  I could get in touch with her at anytime and she was there to answer any questions, make any adjustments to the program or even just to keep me on track and focused with little positive messages.  It was amazing how well she new my body and what would work for me.  Gina made me feel excited, prepared, and confident! She was just what I needed to be my best on and off stage!
    Thank you Gina! ~Annita

  • Bea Andrade

    Bea Andrade Bea Andrade

    I wanted to say THANK YOU for your guidance to get my physique to competition shape and making my dream a reality of competing in figure!!! I feel very lucky to have befriended and worked with you. I appreciate the step by step adjustments of nutrition and training (you made it easy to follow). Thank you for being a phone call away and making yourself very available to me. You are the BEST!!!!
    Best Wishes

  • Blake Kosareff

    Blake Kosareff Blake Kosareff

    I was referred to Gina by a friend when my wife and I decided to compete in our first NPC competition, and after training with Gina I would recommend her to anyone that was looking to step on stage or just improve their physique. I took 1st place in my height class in the first show I ever competed in and I know that it would not have been possible without her help. While I had already been training for several years before working with Gina, I had never worked with a trainer and I can honestly say that working with her made all the difference in the world when it came time to step on stage. Gina tailored a nutrition, cardio, and workout plan specifically for my needs and made updates to the plan as my body changed.
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  • Christina Gianakakos

    Christina Gianakakos Christina Gianakakos

    I would not say I was someone who was always into being healthy and staying fit. It actually was not until about six years ago when I got serious about it. Last year I had decided to do my first competition. During that time my family and I found out my dad had throat cancer. It was a struggle to continue with training, not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. I made it through none-the-less but I look back and realize I did not enjoy my first competitive journey. I was really unhappy and  found myself struggling again with my weight. I, of course, like many people, turned to food. I decided to get back on track with my goals and begin another competitive journey. I wanted Gina to help me with my goals! What I loved is how much Gina cared not only about my physical state, but she genuinely cared about how I felt emotionally and mentally. She was more than my fitness coach, she really brought happiness back into my life!
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  • Cynthia Davilia

    Cynthia Davilia Cynthia Davilia

    First, I want to thank Gina for being an incredible coach. I am so grateful for her hands on guidance to my first “First Place” victory! She made me realize how important it is to have the right meal plan for ME. Gina designed everything to specifically support my needs. Her plan was very easy to follow yet very detailed, specific and most of all balanced. I can’t believe the dramatic changes in my physique in the amount of time. I lost 16 lbs. as well as several percentages of body fat. I completely transformed from head to toe. Gina is 100% there for you along with encouraging you to find that inner strength. I gained so much self-esteem, love, and respect for my body. I have found ” My Champ” within. I will continue to sing her praises! YOU ROCK GIRL!!!!!
    Love, Cynthia

  • Erin Lee

    Erin Lee Erin Lee
  • Georgia Leath

    Georgia Leath Georgia Leath

    Hi my name is Georgia. I’m 31 and I am a mother of 3. I’ve always been athletic and active. I’m one of those who push myself in the gym and am constantly trying to improve! I have always had a deep down passion for fitness. I was in a little rut (giving myself excuses) and I wanted to step it up! So all my hard work in the gym would show. After the holidays of 2012, I connected with Gina (I’ve always thought she was amazing and knew her wisdom and expertise she has about exercise and diet).  I started with her recipe book, learned how to explore in the kitchen and create some really yummy clean eats! Then, decided to purchase her Ultimate Shred 365 Plan. It is an all inclusive detailed plan to get you shredded!!!
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  • Gloria Perez

    Gloria Perez Gloria Perez

    Working with Gina over these past few months has been the greatest journey I’ve ever experienced! Not only has Gina has helped me reach my goals with weight loss and body fat reduction, She’s helped me believe in myself! Gina has showed me what I could accomplish with consistency and hard work. With her passion for Fitness and Nutrition I feel as if I can conquer any challenge!
    I owe it all to Gina who guided me through my journey not only as a Fitness Coach but as a Friend! Her motivation drove me to become who I am today!
    My Gratitude is Never Ending!
    G-Fit Team is The Way of Life
    Xo ~Gloria Perez~

  • Heather Moore

    Heather Moore Heather Moore

    After turning 37 I thought my chances of being fit might be over.  I wanted to give it one last fight and hired Gina for training and nutrition.  Gina provided me with 1 on 1 attention.  In a few short months Gina has helped me gain muscle, lose 2 inches in my hips, and lose 15 lbs of fat.  By training with Gina I’m now stronger and in better shape then in my 20’s.  Her coaching along with her professional attitude and love of fitness was the #1 key to my LONG term success! I am now addicted to this lifestyle Gina has taught me! Thank you Gina!
    -Heather Moore

  • Jamie Caro

    Jamie Caro Jamie Caro

    I have always had a passion for lifting some serious weights in the gym since high school. I have always longed to look like one of those girls in Oxygen Magazine and did my homework and found Gina. I flew from Afghanistan to meet GinA.  I told her of the hardships of working overseas including having to fly in most all of the food, working 12 hours and day 7 days a week and through in a few bombs every now and again.  Believe it or not, she said that we could make it work and she was more than willing to work with me!  I returned overseas and began my journey.  In the beginning I couldn’t believe how much food she was telling me to eat and yet week after week the weight kept coming off.  The pictures were keeping me motivated every week when I checked in I could see all of my hard work paying off.  Gina was there every step of the way, not just telling me what to eat and what to lift, but to teach me about my body.
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  • Janna Coleman

    Janna Coleman Janna Coleman

    Where do I begin? I had finally come to the realization that I would never be a petite woman. I wasn’t comfortable nor confident where I was physically but I knew God had blessed me with these genetic and this was me. In 2011 my boyfriend competed in a competition. I was supportive, but not very interested in competing until until later.  The following year, a mutual friend of ours, Michelle Smith, competed and won overall in Figure. My jaw dropped. I was in awe of her. I immediately sent her a million questions. I wanted to be her! She was/is my inspiration. She raved on about her Coach Gina Aliotti and
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  • Jeffrey Deal

    Jeffrey Deal Jeffrey Deal

    So what can I say about my training experience with Gina Aliotti??? AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEESSSSSSOOOOOMMMMEEE

    This journey you go on when you train Gina is both a changing of the mind, body, and spirit. My journey started when I wanted to make my return to the stage. I had trained with a trainer before and it was nowhere in the comparison or detail that Gina delivers. Weight loss is about the balance of nutrition, training and hydration. She has showed me the ropes on how to master my own body. When I first saw my plan I was really surprised on how  simple the plans were to follow. The food selection had many new items in creative ways I’ve never experienced. The food never got boring neither did the workouts. Everyday I was excited to get up and challenge my body.
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  • Jodie M.

    Jodie M. Jodie M.

    I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Gina via online training for the past 8 months. I first came across Gina on Facebook. I really liked how positive and honest Gina was on her page so I looked at her webpage for more information on her. I came across her Ultimate Woman’s Weight Loss Plan and purchased it on Christmas Day 2011. I thought it was the best nutritional and training guide I have ever read, I was so impressed with the quality of the information and I was very excited to get started.
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  • Katrina S.

    Katrina S. Katrina S.
  • LaNecia Nixon

    LaNecia Nixon LaNecia Nixon

    I hired Gina to help me with my goals that I thought were so far fetched. I needed someone I could absolutely trust every step of the way, choosing Gina was the ABSOLUTE best decision I could have made. She transformed my very average looking 38 yr old physique to my being in the best shape of my life.

    Her guidance and confidence in me not only helped me change my physical appearance, but she gave me a new outlook on life. She showed me what I was capable of achieving and helped me surpass my goals. Thank you Gina for EVERYTHING, I truly couldn’t have done it without you. I look forward to working with you again!
    LaNecia Nixon, Washington

  • Liisa Signorelli

    Liisa Signorelli Liisa Signorelli

    When I met Gina I would say I considered myself to be in good shape.  Being 42 married and busy mother of 4 I was consistently hitting the gym, yoga and boot camps. I ate “clean” minus few cravings of the usual dark chocolate and coffee’s. I did feel like a hamster on a wheel for as much as I was working out there wasn’t real progress. My body was still at the same fitness level. Very frustrating when you feel like you’re giving so much. Here comes problem #1… “ I am not really a foodie, or ever really hungry”   is what Gina heard coming from my mouth as one eyebrow went up & she made a hmmm noise. Boy do we have a good laugh about that now. I ‘M HUNGRY, FEED ME OR ELSE! My body was starving for the right ingredients to keep it moving. She not only gave me the tools to feed it, but the workouts to go along with. Changing my life and lifestyle forever, for the better.
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  • Linda Ng

    Linda Ng Linda Ng

    Gina, I am so thankful for having you as my coach.  This picture truly showed what a great magic you have done for me.  After my clavicle surgery in January and not being able to workout for 3 months, thank you for brining me back to life! You simply turn this fat chick and transformed me into a fit chick.  You showed me the light and I simply followed and trust you with all my heart. I am super proud of myself because of where I came from.  You made things happen for me and just typing this, I am actually getting teary eyed!  I can’t thank you enough because you NEVER gave up on me.  During rough days or days where I may have lost hope, you believed in me and that is what kept me going.  You made me believe in myself!  You’re an amazing person in and out and I just want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

    Lots of love to you, Linda

  • Michelle Milgazo

    Michelle Milgazo Michelle Milgazo
  • Michelle Smith

    Michelle Smith Michelle Smith

    The turn for the worst became the miracle journey of my life.   It started before I made the best decision in my life, which was to have Gina Aliotti as my coach and my mentor.  It’s important for you to know where I began to understand the depth in which Gina has changed my life. I am a mother of a 6 year old little girl and a wife married for 7 years.   I have been competing since 2009 as a figure competitor and we all know or can imagine how much competing can take up a large portion of your life and day as I also work full time. In 2009, I began going through some emotional stress. The bounce back process was hard; it seems my body did not want to respond. I was going through some hormonal difficulties from dieting, which turned me to an emotional eater. During that time, the earlier parts of 2011, I went through the worst time of my life. I began having marital problems. In my mind, I am thinking what could happen next…I needed someone to help me get ME and my body back.  I turned to Gina and just knew she could help me!
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  • Randall Hunt

    Randall Hunt Randall Hunt

    I can’t recommend Gina Aliotti enough. For years I wondered how good my body would look cosmetically if I followed a structured program. I decided that it was finally time to give it a shot and see just how good I could get my body’s cosmetic appearance. I sought out the guidance of Gina Aliotti because she is the perfect living example of fitness and wellness and has proven herself on the highest levels possible in the cosmetic bio-performance industry. I had my game face on ready to suck it up and gut through the program but to my surprise the meal plans tasted great and the program was fun and extremely easy to follow. What excites me the most about Gina’s program is not my newly transformed physique, but the invaluable information that I learned about what my body needs to reach its optimal cosmetic potential.
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  • Regina Munroe

    Regina Munroe Regina Munroe

    I decided to use Gina for my competition preparation based on her reputation and on her impact as a competitor in the fitness industry.  When she sent me the initial plan, I was blown to say the least and somewhat skeptical.  She had me eating more food than I ever dreamed of eating. Putting my “doubting Thomas” aside, I decided that a lady who can do some real damage on the Olympia stage and has a professional degree in nutrition has to know what’s going on.  As a surgeon, I lead a busy lifestyle which is highly unpredictable.  Gina’s plan added order, accountability, and calm when it came to nutrition, weight training, and cardio.  She was mindful of my schedule with periods of sleep deprivation and was able to work around it. With Gina’s encouragement and straightforward no nonsense plan, I was able to move from fat to fit.  She encouraged me to dig deep and push through adversity to achieve gains that I did not dream were possible for my physique.  Gina really taught me that this is not a diet…this is a lifestyle.
    Thank you Gina!

  • Traci Mcallister

    Traci Mcallister Traci Mcallister

    I knew the day I contacted Gina, my life would never be the same! I, like a lot of women have struggled with my weight for years. I always wanted a fast fix diet and I think I did every diet that is out there! I lost weight with each one then gained it all back and then some! I always wondered why I always gained the weight back and now I know.

    I did not have the knowledge or understanding that I do now having worked with Gina. She has taught me so much, not only physical things with working out the right way but she has taught me also how to change from the inside out! I never realized that the change needed to come from inside before it can show on the outside. I have so much more confidence now and feel so much better about myself then I ever have!
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  • Tracy Allen

    Tracy Allen Tracy Allen
  • Wael F.

    Wael F. Wael F.

    WAEL F.