A Beautiful, Fit and Healthy Pregnancy

A Beautiful, Fit and Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy and Exercise Basic Pointers

Sep 15 2013

Pregnancy is something many women face in fear. What is going to happen to my body? How do I continue my workouts in a safe manner? Will I have to stop working out and give up all my hard work? These are a few questions many of us face. The answer is NO but you do have to modify your workouts to work for you and your baby. Creating a new life is such an amazing experience and doesn’t have to be so daunting. When you learn to listen to your body and go with how you feel, you will find that you don’t have to stop working out. Consider a few of my pregnancy pointers and circuit workout and embrace your one in a lifetime experience. Remember that not every pregnancy is the same so go with how you feel and trust in the process!

Gina’s Pregnancy Tips 101

-Always consult your doctor, as every pregnancy and person is different!

-Listen to your body!! Although your doctor can provide you with their opinion about exercising Your body knows best! Trust yourself with how you feel in your body! If there is an exercise a doctor says you can do but it is uncomfortable, listen to yourself. On the other side, remember your own exercise experience, before your pregnancy and remember that often doctors are speaking to the “average” woman– are you average?

-Stick to a regular routine, especially if you had one prior to your pregnancy! It’s definitely healthy to exercise while you are pregnant. As much as possible, you want to stick to a regular routine. This helps to maintain the rhythms of your body. Starting and stopping exercise throughout a pregnancy is much harder on the body than simply maintaining a routine throughout your pregnancy. Of course, you will need to adapt or scale down your exercise routine as your body gets bigger with the baby but setting and sticking to a workout schedule is a smart choice.

- Go slowly. You can probably still continue to do many of the forms of exercise that you already enjoy. However, you want to take it more slowly than usual. Slowing down will make all of your actions more fluid and safer for your body. Slowing down will also help you with the process of tuning in to your body so that you can immediately sense if something is wrong. I suggest no Crazy Cross Fit style workouts.

- Stay cool. Paying attention to the temperature when you exercise is a smart thing for pregnant women. You want to make sure that you don’t overheat your body. This can lead to exhaustion and problems with your body. Make sure that you wear breathable clothing that will prevent overheating. Pay attention to the temperature in the room or outside when you are working out. If you start to feel too hot, do your cool down exercises and rest until another time. If you are into hot yoga, I suggest you put this aside during your pregnancy.

- As pregnancy continues to develop, especially after the 1st trimester, women shouldn’t lie on their stomachs nor do they want to lie flat on their backs without support. Be aware of abdominal exercises where you are lying on your back. It is important to avoid abrupt twisting movements as well, especially while standing. Leg raises and any lower abdominal exercises should be avoided.

- Tone it down when you get further along in the pregnancy. Be aware of the fact that you are probably going to need to reduce the amount of exercise that you do as the baby’s due date gets closer. This is due to your own physical limitations as well as the increased risk for pre-term labor among highly active women. Listen to your body and tone down your workouts, even if you feel you are capable of still going intense!

-It is suggested to be cautious of plyometric, fast jumping, hopping, bouncing or running during pregnancy, especially after the first trimester. If you were a runner, running while listening to your body may be okay but it wouldn’t be the best idea to take up running upon getting pregnant.

-Breath! It is so important, always, but especially while pregnant to be conscious of your breath and focusing on breathing during exercise.

Remember, every woman and every pregnancy is different so use basic guidelines, listen to your doctor but remember that there is no perfect pregnancy guidebook that works for everyone. You know your body best! Continue exercising, unless advised by a doctor not to. Even if you have to scale down your exercise routine, something is always going to be better than nothing, unless advised by your doctor.

Gina’s Pregnancy Circuit

30 second plank
20 bicep curls sitting on exercise ball

20 kettlebell tricep extenions on exercise ball

20 body weight squats
20 shoulder presses on exercise ball

Repeat 3x

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Q&A Keeping the Lower Body lean During Pregnancy

Sep 14 2013

Q: I absolutely love your page and what you stand for! You’ve been a huge inspiration of mine for a long time!! I just had one quick question I’m 17 weeks pregnant with my 2nd little darling and I’m thinking its another precious little girl bc my hips and butt are expanding while my waist is slowly growing I’m working out 3-4 times a week in the gym with weight and then the other days my toddler and I are doing something fun and active. My diet is staying healthy and consistent as well for the health of me and the baby. I was just wondering if you had any advice or what you did to keep your legs/glutes from gaining alot of body fat. That’s my problem area in the first place but I would like to keep it in check if I can!

Thank you so much in advanced!! I know you’re loving motherhood!! They grow up so fast!!

A: Hello and Thank you so much for your message and sweet words! I am so happy you are following and finding my page, posts and inspiration useful in your journey!! Congratulations on your pregnancy!! How exciting for another little munchkin!! Way to keep working out and focusing on doing something active every day! That was my mantra during my pregnancy, no matter how little, just do something active every day!! It sounds like you are doing everything you can to stay on track and keeping things clean and consistent with your nutrition is KEY! To answer your question, I would do everything you are doing… do something active every day, focus on a healthy/balanced nutritional plan and incorporate some body weight squats and some floor gluteal work (butt squeezes, leg lifts, etc) to keep things toned. Dig into your mind and trust your instinct when it comes to “cravings”. Know the difference between your body needing something and your mind wanting something…. You are on a good path and I am confident that if you continue doing what you are doing, you will only gain what you need to gain and post pregnancy, things will come right off!!! Our bodies are amazing machines and WILL bounce right back! No stress during your pregnancy, just enjoy the journey!! Best wishes and please keep me posted! Again, thank you for following and for your support!
hugs, Gina

ps- Yes they do grown up quick. I can’t believe my son is already 8 months! I am loving this chapter of my life as a new mom!!

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Pregnancy Update 39 Weeks :)

Jan 8 2013

Wow, so time has flown by and I am 39 weeks tomorrow. Really I could have my little sunshine anytime now… It is just a waiting game, from this point forward. We are getting so excited!! I am feeling great! Definitely feeling more pressure but not really anything that would lead me to believe I am going to deliver soon. Although, my pregnancy has been so smooth so maybe my labor will be the same (fingers crossed). I am not really nervous just curious about how things are going to unfold, when, where will I be when I start my contractions or if and when my water breaks, How long will labor be, what will it feel like, etc. All those common questions. I am not really nervous because there will be so much support all around me.

I have officially taken maternity leave from my 101 personal training clients. Still working with my online clients but was told by my doctor to slow down so it’s about that time. I have everything together! My to go bag is packed and nursery is ready to go. All just a waiting game now.

Last week, I had to be monitored because his heart rate was a little bit lower than normal but it was just a fluke and everything was fine. Now I go in for regular monitoring and he is completely fine it is just protocol. It was a wake up call though that maybe I do need to slow dow Gina!!!

Anyways, I am really embracing these last few days/week(s) without a baby. It is really surreal to me that I will be a mom and my life will never be the same. It is such a blessing and amazing chapter! One that will change your life forever. It is so amazing to me to think that the time has come and I am flipping pages in my book, officially moving on to the next big chapter of my life. I feel so blessed to have accomplished my goals on the competition stage and now take on a new and exciting challenge of motherhood. It is time for me to give back and give to creating my new little family and of course continue to help others with their health/fitness goals. It is a new year and I am ready to take on all the new things that are coming my way!

I am continuing my workouts, light of course but still getting in my me time. My workouts consist of super light 20-30 minutes of upper body circuits and my ONLY cardio has been and continues to be swimming and light walks with my dog. I am so happy I started swimming, as it has really helped me throughout my pregnancy. It is the only way I can push my self at all. Anything else, I am really no use. The weight and pressure is too much but in the water, I am weightless and it feels so good!! It does take a little convincing to get me there, since it isn’t my usual form of working out but once I get there and get going, it is a wonderful workout!!

I am still waking up all throughout the night. Last night was at 12:00 and 3:00, eating oatmeal and a shake both times, before going back to bed. I guess my little guy is waking me up hungry.

Todays day went as follows:

Meal #1& 2 12:00/3:00– 1/2 cup oatmeal and protein shake
Mini Circuit Training 20 Minutes super light (presses, side lateral raises, triceps dips, one arm rows)
Meal #3: PF Changs Ginger Chicken Wraps
Meal #4: Quest Bar, Grapefruit
Swim- 44 Laps :)
Meal #5: Quest Bar
Meal #6 : Trout & Veggies

I will continue to keep you posted and can’t wait to share the news with all of you! Thank you for all your support and for being a part of my journey. This has been quite an amazing journey and I have loved every moment of my pregnancy and cannot say enough positive things about each step of this incredible process!

Until next time… hugs, Gina


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HAPPY NEW YEAR Pregnancy Update

Dec 31 2012

Happy New Year!!!

This is a perfect quote and so true. No matter where you are today, right now, this is exactly where you are suppose to be. What an amazing year it has been! So many successful stories, journeys memories shared. 2013 is going to be that much better with new opportunities, challenges, success stories, and so much more… including a new member of our family, my beautiful son who is slowly making his way into this world and should be here mid January!! Crazy he is almost here!!

It has been way too long, that is no joke! Where has the year gone!! Time has definitely flown by and it is appropriate to give one last 2012 pregnancy update. :) Things are going really well and I have been rocking my pregnancy. Now that I am sitting at about 37 1/2 weeks, I am definitely feeling heavier and less mobile! It takes more to do things. I have to sit down to awkwardly tie my shoe or stand close to a wall to put a pair of pants on. My belly is surely getting in the way now and I am having to really slow down. I am so grateful that I took up swimming long ago because it has really saved me. There is no way I could be doing my long walks and definitely not at my usual speed. The pool is so refreshing and the only thing I can do where I can still push myself and get a good cardio workout. Everything else is light walking with my dog. I am aiming to get in 3-4 light upper body workouts in the gym and 3-4 swims in a week. With the holidays, this was a little off but that has been my routine and what I plan to continue until the big day…

I am so close now and this is when I am experiencing the last month issues that I have heard about from those who have been here before. I was doing so amazing but now I must say, I am understanding what they are saying. That final month and the final weeks are definitely hard. My hormones have me not sleeping at night, gotta love those hormones!! I am up literally every 3 hours. I go to bed around 10ish and am up between 1 & 2, get up eat my first meal (oatmeal and protein) then go back to bed to get up again around 5 and then every 3 hours thereafter my meals continue. hummm….. sounds like our meal plan except I am eating in the middle of the night so adding in an additional meal. It seems to be the only thing to get me to go back to bed. I suppose Baby D is telling me he is hungry!! :) So much for the “no carbs late at night” philosophy because I am eating them around the clock! ;)

Tomorrow marks January 1st 2013 and our official due date is January 17th 2003 so 17 days tomorrow… It seems like time has flown by but when I think of all the things I have done, pregnant, it really has been a long time! 9 months is a long time. We really have to give it to us ladies who do this for 9 months, multiple times! It is an amazing experience and I have loved every minute but when you sit back and reflect, that surely is a long time! We are are amazing, aren’t we ladies!!??

We have had the nursery ready for about 2 months now and have everything we need, and then some. It is so fun to walk by his nursery and know that soon he will be in there. I still can’t get over this entire process and it is hard to believe how he is inside my belly!! No matter how big you get or how much you feel kicks, it is still so hard to believe!! (as I get kicked in the ribs, lol) It is such a beautiful miracle, one that I will never understand but I will understand that is is purely a blessing!!

I am starting to have the normal thoughts of giving birth. Hummmm…. how is this going to happen, when, what’s it going to feel like, how long is it going to be, etc… the questions can go on and on. I am trying to just take in every moment and know that it is all going to happen as it should and be a beautiful experience! Women have been doing this time and time again for several years, right?!

My Total Weight Gain is about 18 pounds (weighing in at 155, starting at 137) As for Cravings, I haven’t really had cravings but I am back to not really interested in cold veggies/salads and like my veggies warm. Stir-Fry’s and Omelets have really been my favorite this entire pregnancy! We made soup the other day and that went down really well too! Not really able to eat as many veggies as I am use to. Small frequent meals with more substance has been key!

Anyways, that’s my update and I will keep you posted with at least one more update before he gets here! Until Next Year! Happy New Year!!!


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Pregnancy Update 11/26/12

Nov 26 2012

Hello Everyone, so my long overdue pregnancy update is here.. I am taking progress photos this week so will post those Wednesday or Thursday. Things are going really well but the truth is there has been a lot going on and I have really been trying to spend less time online and turning inwards enjoying my last few weeks, months of pregnancy before baby David arrives. Things are going great with my journey! Feeling great, still getting in my workouts, toned down, of course, but still aiming for 3-4x/week of something beyond my walks/swims. I am still quite the “fish” these days, really enjoying the water. I feel so much lighter in the water it actually feels really good. It does take more of me to get to the pool than the gym, since it is not my usual form of exercise, but once I get there, I enjoy it and after I am done am so happy I went. My goal is minimum of 40 laps and anything else is bonus. I typically end up doing 44 (last 4 laps being sprints). See even in the pool, I get stuck in my ways and create my little routine. I do 20 straight, then rest for a few then hit another 10 rest then the final 10 and finish off with my bonus 4 sprints and more if I feel up to it…. Because of the weather and time changing, I am getting in earlier than I was. I was going after the p.m. crowd around 6:30 but not the best time to go is between 12 and 3 so that is what I have been aiming for and it has been working really well. Now a days I am enjoying being home for the evening with a fire and our tree that we just put up. :)

I cannot believe how fast time is flying by! I knew it would but it really has flown by!!! I am really excited but really trying not to be overly anxious because my due date will be here before we know it!!! It is crazy to watch all my girlfriends who have been pregnant with me deliver… I have one more, due this week, then I am next in line.!!

My stats:

Currently 32 weeks and 5 days

Baby D is the size of a “honeydew” (19 in. 4.5 pounds) according to What to Expect Ap.

Countdown: 7 weeks 2 days!!!

Total weight gain: approx 10 pounds  (low but measuring correctly, per the doctor)

Feeling: Amazing!!! Energy is a 10 in the morning but as the day goes on, I start to feel a bit more “pregnancy”/ “big”/ and less mobile. It is definitely important to get the majority of my things done as soon as possible, when I have the most umph. ;)

Cravings: Not really! Still my moments of craving Ketchup , which I have over just about anything and everything :) Other than that, things have been pretty consistent with my typical meal plan.

Best thing right now: Feeling David Move inside me is absolutely amazing!! I feel him and can actually see the movements through my clothes and it is completely unreal and indescribable!! Love Love Love it! :)

Here is a rundown of the past month or so…

Michael’s grandmother passed away, which was really sad for the family. We spent a few weekend up in the bay area while she was in the hospital and then back up for her memorial services. It was sad but she had an amazing long/healthy life, which is all we can ask for!

Thanksgiving was great. I enjoyed a morning workout with my girls (Traci) and Laurie then went to Traci’s family’s house before spending time at the Firehouse for dinner. Michael was working so Thanksgiving this year was at the Fire Station ;)

Unfortunately, I did come down with a 24 hour flu on Saturday which was NO fun!! I was in bed ALL day! I had the aches, fatigue and literally needed to stay in bed to rest. Rest did me some good because I felt 90% Sunday and 100% today. Luckily it was a short lived flu and passed as quickly as it came!

I have been sleeping well throughout the night, which if you remember, is unusual for me since I was waking up for several weeks during my 2nd trimester between 2-4 every morning to eat my first meal!! As I type that today was the first time in several several weeks that I did wake up early!

Today’s menu:

Meal #1: Protein Shake & 1/2 cup oatmeal
Meal #2: Quest Bar & Apple
Meal #3: Quest Bar
Meal #4: Crock Pot Chicken & Salsa
Meal #5: Protein Pancakes with sugar free jelly (another little craving)
Meal #6: Veggie Egg White Omelet with garlic and basil
Meal #7: No carb Protein Pancakes with SF Jelly

Today I was unable to get in a workout but have plans to the next few days… I was able to get in my swim and went for 45 minutes and a total of 50 laps. I wasn’t feeling it because it was a bit chilly out but again, once I got there, felt great and felt even better once I was done!

Until mid week with my next photo updates & an update from the doctor… Thanks for following!!


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11/04 Pregnancy Update

Nov 4 2012

Hello Hello! Crazy I am almost 30 weeks Pregnant and time if flying by! Every day growing more and more and loving watching my belly grow! I am really enjoying my pregnancy and am excited but not anxious to deliver, yet… I know that as time goes on, you get more and more uncomfortable but so far I am feeling great, not uncomfortable and really feel amazing! Getting tired, by the end of the day, but really plugging along beautifully! The problem lies in the fact that I feel so good I tend to tell myself that “I need to start to slow down”, but it is hard when you feel so amazing. I am going to start to slow things down though because I know my body needs a break and also in 10 weeks my life will completely change and I want to enjoy the last few weeks of this chapter of my life.


Today marks 29 Weeks & 3 days
Size: Butternut Squash ~ 17 inches 3.1 lbs
Time Left: 10 weeks & 4 days until Due Date
Cravings: None
Sleep: Much better than it has been, not waking up every night but from time to time still getting up in the middle of the night.
Occurring Symptoms: Started to have a few moments of heartburn but not regular yet. Starting to use the bathroom More frequently. Still itching so really altering up on my coconut oil/creams and lotions.

 My Activity has been consistent but no where near what I was doing in the beginning. I am really busy in the mornings, which use to be my personal workout times so I am doing less gym workouts and really using the pool as my main means to exercise with maybe 2-3 days of circuit training. It is a fine balance for me and a nice break. Luckily with my muscle density, I am able to still maintain my muscle but if I lose some, I am totally fine with that and actually hope I do. Taking this time to not be so intense is really going to help me shed that unwanted muscle I have been trying to strip away since I stopped competing.

I had a busy weekend putting my nursery together. I will have pics to come soon. I had a girlfriend who is an interior designer come into town to help me with the final details. I am really happy with the ideas she gave me and now just need to implement our game plan. Very exciting and just love walking by and envisioning a little baby sleeping in his crib.

Today’s Menu was as follows:

Meal #1: Protein Shake with 1/2 cup oatmeal
Meal #2: Same as meal #1 with an apple
Meal #3: Quest Bar
Meal #4: Chili Turkey No Carb Pasta
Meal #5: Brown Rice Cereal with Protein shake as “milk”
Meal #5: Egg White/Veggie Omelet

Took this weekend off from working out. Just took a few walks with my dog and starting fresh tomorrow… Heading to bed early so I can get a good nights sleep (hopefully) and start to week off refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of 29 weeks.

Name Reveal….We have decided on a name….


David Gianni Silva :)

So excited and more to come…

Thanks for following!
hugs, Gina

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10/23 update

Oct 23 2012

Hello Hello- Wow, what a weekend and past few days. Unfortunately we have had an emergency in the family and an unexpected death of my husbands grandmother so been a rough weekend but at the same time celebrating a long amazing life that she lived. It is quite amazing to see one generation on its way out and then be simultaneously feeling my baby kicking inside, so surreal how life evolves and goes on. One generation gone and another one just beginning. On anther note, things are going really well. I had a doctors appointment today and am 28 weeks this week. Things are right on track. Here is a breakdown of a few things

Cravings: NONE LATELY but starting to not eat as many veggies as my belly is feeling full quicker.

Weight: 147 (total weight gain of 7-10 lbs)

Symptoms or Annoyances: YES! My belly is itching like crazy. It think it is more than my skin stretching and the baby growing. It appears to be a rash but the doctor didn’t seem to be concerned. I also have eczema on my knee and lower hip but that is not uncommon during pregnancy. Gotta love hormones!!

Hunger: Same

Tests to be done: Still need to do my blood glucose test, which I have been putting off (not going to lie) because I am really not looking forward to downing 40+ grams of sugar… Why don’t they give us a brownie or something yummy instead of drinking pointless grams of sugar ;)

Workouts: They have been few and far between. Especially with our travels and my busy schedule these days. Doing what I can to get in what I can but really just doing what I can. Cardio has just been swimming. Been on a roll but traveling has put a wrench in things. It is hard to find a pool when you are away. Just trying to walk when I am away. Circuit workouts are slim but getting in 3-4 if I can, a week.

Today’s Menu:

Meal #1: 1/2 cup oatmeal, protein shake
Meal #2: Quest Bar
Meal #3: Cabbage Nori Wraps with 6 egg whites
Meal #4: Same as meal #1 but with 1/4 cup pure pumpkin
Meal #5: tilapia with zucchini and 1/2 avocado salad
Meal #6: No carb Protein Pancakes with 1 scoop protein and 3 egg whites

Photo Updates coming soon.. Just really trying to juggle a lot right now. ;) Such is life, when it rains it pours but still grateful for the pours that make us appreciate life, what we have and everything/everyone that brings pure joy, happiness and smiles to our lives. Life is precious so live each day as if it was your last. Never underestimate the power of a simple I love You or small gesture that can really make someones day. We just never know and life is a miracle to live each day as so.

hugs, Gina

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Pregnancy Update 10/18 –27 weeks!

Oct 18 2012

Wow, today marks 27 weeks and time is flying by!! They say, time flies but wow, it sure does, that is NO understatement! I am doing great and really great and enjoying every moment! That is a repetitive statement but I really am. Here is an update, at 27 weeks:


Total Weight Gain/Loss: We’ll find out at my next doctor’s appointment. Not weighing myself on a regular basis, just using my 3 week doctors appointments to monitor that. As of my last visit it was 7-9 pounds and I am sure I have gained a few more these past few weeks, we will see…

Maternity Clothes: Wearing my workout clothes, no problem. That is what I wear most anyways. It works great for Maternity clothing. I hadn’t tried on Jeans in several weeks and went for it and they still fit! They were super stretchy and low but yes, I was able to comfortably wear them :)

Gender: Boy.

Movement: Starting to feel him but more like gentle butterflies.

Sleep: Still not well! I am use to it by now! Slept through until 5 a.m. last night but a typical night, I am up  between 2-3:30 like clockwork. Getting use to it by now!

What I miss: Hot Yoga and HIT Training. (It will be there after I have my little boy so not too worried)

Cravings: None really. Had a fair share of cereal on Saturday so I suppose you could say “Cereal”.

Symptoms: Tired but other than that doing great!

Best moment this week: I’m at less than 100 days – we’re sneaking into the third trimester and I am still able to workout and move freely, for the most part!

Today’s menu:

Meal #1:1/2 cup oatmeal, 1/4 cup pure pumpkin & Protein shake
Meal #2: Quest Bar
Meal #3: 1/2 avocado, cabbage sauté with Nori and ground turkey
Meal #4: Quest Bar
Meal #5: 1/2 cup oatmeal and protein shake
Meal #6: Salad with ground turkey and roasted zucchini! :)
Meal #7 No Carb Pancake with 2 egg whites, 1 scoop protein, baking powder and soda, cinnamon and stevia. :)

Training plan:

I have been swimming daily, for the most part, taking today off. Come Thursday of each week, I am exhausted and ready for a rest day. :)

Today’s Circuit:

Shoulder Press with 25# EZ Bar- standing- 20 reps
Seated Shoulder Press with 25# EZ bar- seated–2 sets in front and 2 sets behind the neck
15 reps- squats with 25# EZ Bar
Dip Machine-20 reps
Side Lateral Raise with Palm Facing the sky-20 reps

I am extremely tired and hitting the pillow early tonight, hoping I sleep all night. Fingers crossed…

Until next time, progress photos coming soon!

hugs, Gina

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Pregnancy Update

Oct 15 2012

Happy Monday! Things are going great and I had a very productive yet relaxing weekend! We have made quite a bit of headway on the nursery… So excited and things are becoming more and more real!
As you can see we are just about done. Just need to add his name above the crib, add pictures, as we go and get our glider (rocking chair) from my mom to add in the corner (left of the crib). It is all so exciting and the “nesting” has definitely settled in.

I have been doing great with my swims but took today off for a circuit and neighborhood 2.5 mile walk, which I haven’t done in quite some time. Swimming really has been my only source of cardio ;) Been loving it but I must say, I love it once I get there and then when i’m done. Because it is a little out of my box, it takes a lot of me to get there… The other problem is the pool schedule is a little crazy with the best times mid day or late night. I am aiming to get there earlier in the day, to get it done, otherwise the late nights are challenging.

I am feeling more round and my belly is definitely popping more and more each day. Today I was itchy, hungry and tired so I think that means… growth spurt! ;)

I wasn’t sure if my jeans were still fitting me so I gave it a go and my low rise jeans still fit!

Belly and belly button (lol) are definitely popping. It has been really fun to experience this day to day change and experience. I am still waking up mid morning, seriously this is just a norm now. Last night it was 2:30 and I was up eating meal #1. For those that say you “can’t eat carbs” or eat, for that matter, after a certain time in the p.m., I beg to differ… I am eating meal #1 With Carbs between 2-4 a.m. every morning and not blowing up so I am proof that that is NOT true ;)

Here is my breakdown for today:

Meal #1 2:30 a.m.! 1/2 cup oatmeal, protein shake
Meal #2: 7:30 Quest Bar
Meal #3: 11:30 Nori cabbage wraps with 6 egg whites
Meal #4: 2:00 1/2 cup oatmeal, 1/4 cup pure pumpkin, protein shake
Meal #5: 5:00 Quest Bar
Meal #6: 8:00 Zucchini & grilled Chicken
Meal #7: 10:00 no carb pancake 2 egg whites, 1 scoop protein

I did a mini circuit workout this morning and finished the evening with my 3 mile walk! Productive day and ready to hit this week with some energy. My weekend was very productive yet kicked back. I spent a lot of saturday enjoying some needed sleep and was on a cereal kick, lol! Definitely “carbed up on cereal”. I guess you can call that a craving. Usually Sunday is my “lazier” day but I had a group posing session Sunday so had to make up for it and enjoy a “lazy” Saturday. I am definitely enjoying my quite time and time to just do without responsibility of a little one. 13 weeks is right around the corner and I am going to soak in every moment of quite time and time to just do as I please.

This week, I have to make a trip to the lab for my glucose test, which I am NOT looking forward to. Basically drinking PURE sugar and seeing how your body responds. I am not excited about that pure sugar drink. I mean, give me a brownie or something but to drink pure sugar does not sound appetizing and I have heard it is super sweet and not so tasty. All for a reason though so I can do it…

There is my little update for everyone… Thanks for following and I will be in touch!

hugs, Gina


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Pregnancy Update

Oct 10 2012

Okay So it has been TOOOOOOO long and I apologize but things have been really busy (no excuse) I am due for a video update since writing to update the past few weeks would take some time. In summery, I am almost 26 weeks now! Crazy how time is flying!!

Here is my 25 week photo :)

I made my photographer take a back shot since I said, “I have NO idea what I look like from the back, can you take this shot too” ;)
Kind of fun to see what the heck you look like from the back ;)

Even though these were taken less than a week ago, I have grown significantly since then and can really feel it! Now, daily, I am feeling and seeing the growth!! I can say, I just feel really Pregnant now and starting to feel “big”. I am sure I don’t appear “big” but totally starting to feel it! The last time I went to the doctors, 2 weeks ago,  my weight was 145 so not a huge increase from my starting weight, as I have said I am thinking it was around 137 but not sure because of the crazy fluctuations I experience daily! I am not weighing myself except for my visits to the doctors. There is really no reason! I am thinking that my next visit, I am going to have a bit of an increase, just my gut feeling! ;)

Things are going really well and I am still enjoying every moment of my journey!! We have been busy getting things done around our house, putting wood floors in 2 rooms, including the nursery and replaced our carpet. We are busy working away painting and getting things together in the nursery, which is taking some time but we are just about done. Here is a progress photo of the paint job we did. ;) 2 shads of blue which we are separating with a chair rail — finished photos to come soon!
 Things are all coming together and it is very exciting!! Since I last wrote I also had 2/3 of my showers, up in the bay area. They were a blast and we came home with a car full of baby items so needless to say, we are pretty well equipped except for some of the larger items (strollers, car seats, etc.) Here are some fun photos from the shower and the weekend up in the bay area.


As you can see my girlfriends put on one heck of a fun shower and we had a blast in the bay area. The following day, I had another shower that my mother in law had for me and it was also a blast, with more family, so that made it fun!

So here is the rundown of how I have been feeling and what has been going on with me over the past few weeks…

-Really trying to be in the moment and enjoy quite time, while I can. Being very aware of my time and how things are going to change here pretty quickly ;) Embracing the moments.
-Not sleeping well at all. Still waking up in the middle of the night around 2-4 for my first meal then going back to bed. I can count on one hand how many times I have slept through until 5 (my usual wake up time).
-Was extremely emotional last week but that passed ;)
-This week feeling first trimester tired but I know this will pass too (explains why I feel like I have grown quite a bit this week).
-Hunger has been about the same, some days a little more hungrier than the last but for the most part, I think because I am so consistent with my eating, it has been about the same.
-Cravings– Only one that I can remember. I was craving a Snapple late night the other day and had to run out and get one. I think it is because it has been hot outside and something other than water sounded good and refreshing.
-Been aiming for mini circuit workouts 3-5x/week. Nothing crazy just trying to do something a few times a week.
-Been only using Swimming for my cardio. I am back in the pool after my glute injury. I am feeling better, thanks to ART and Chiropractic work, not to mention time off from my intensity. But decided that this is not the time to be going crazy and be so regimented to my treadmill or the same cardio every day so been really enjoying the pool and how good I feel after. Aim for 40 laps minimum a day and use any extras as bonus where I will sprint 1 at a time. Usually do about 42 laps (last 2 being sprints).

Today’s Menu:
Meal #1: 1/2 cup oatmeal and protein shake
Meal #2: Quest Bar & Orange
Meal #3: Green Beans with 6 egg whites and lots of garlic
Meal #4: Protein shake with 1/2 cup oatmeal
Meal #5-6: undecided….

Tonight– Swim

Today– 20 minute circuit 2 sets and 20 reps of the following
-lat pull downs
-Seated Rows
-One Arm Rows
-Seated Single Shoulder Press
-Cable Kick Backs
-finished with 5 sets of 25 body weight squats

My meals have been pretty consistent with salmon 1x/week and keeping other fish/shrimp to at most 4x/week. Other sources of protein are coming from Chicken, Protein Shakes (1-2x day) and lots of egg whites.

There is the breakdown of my past few weeks and now to help the hubby finish the nursery. I will post photos shortly, when it is all done and update you.

Sorry again about the delay and I promise to keep you in the loop more… Things are calming down and now it is all about “nesting” so I will be in touch more. Thanks for following!
xoxo Gina

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