Bell Pepper, Avocado Salad topped with Trout

Jan 8 2013


-1 4-5 oz Trout Fillet
-2 tbsp roasted pepper hummus
-1/2 avocado
-1 string cheese stick
-1/2 red bell pepper
-10 black olives
-10 cherry tomatoes
-1 tbsp avocado oil
-1 tsp garlic
-1 tsp basil


Place trout on cookie sheet topped with hummus. Allow to bake for about 7 minutes then place on broil and broil for remaining  3-5 minutes until brown.

While trout is cooking, prepare salad. Cube avocado, cheese, and bell pepper and place in a large bowl. Half tomatoes and olives and add them to the mix. Add avocado garlic and basil and lightly toss.

When trout is ready, place trout over top salad and enjoy!!

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  1. cherie says:

    This looks delicious! Must try!

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